7 Must-Haves for your Home Office

Untitled designSet your part-time business on the track for success with these 7 essentials no home office should be without.

From cloud storage solutions to old school tips and tricks for serious business expansion, find out how you can give your self-made brand a real business boost with more great ideas.

Get Connected

The cornerstone of any successful home business, a reliable internet connection means everything. Invest in a high performance broadband line wherever you are, ensuring reliable access to high-speed media and essential connectivity to online coms.

Secure Storage Solutions

No matter what avenue of digital business you’re venturing down, you’re likely going to need to backup some serious amounts of important data. Cloud based services such as Internap can offer all the storage requirements you’re ever likely to need, but for guaranteed access and security, a local server and storage back-up is an indispensable asset for any home business with big aspirations.

Premium Home Printing

You’ll want to keep track of all those invoices and important pieces of paperwork, so invest in a reliable home printer for everyday print runs of essential documents. Need to take your design concept to the next level?

Portable Tech for Flexible Business

When you need to be flexible, it plays to have tech and equipment that’s portable. Don’t chain yourself to a desktop and secure connection, and utilise the cross functionality of portable computing and playback devices for easy access to email, online and your all important projects and media favourites.

Marketing and Merchandising Your Brand

Get your brand identity out there with client-winning business cards, stationary and printed products featuring your specially selected corporate signature. Help shift your brand image from design to reality with fantastic links and resources from Onlineprinters or Mimeo.

Old School Office Classics

Make sure your home office is truly authentic with a complete list of essential fixtures and accessories you’ll turn to time and again. Keep a paper shredder handy for disposing for sensitive documents if you’re dealing with confidential information, and make sure you’ve printed off paper copies off all your invoices and job sheets for complete visibility of all your job progress and expenditure.

A Space Designed for Working

Working from home? Make sure you’ve fully optimised your home working space with office furniture and accessories tailored to your workflow. Premium furniture and enhanced comfort features make all the difference, so invest in the best and products that’ll help make the most of any business day.

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