9 Ideal Careers For Mums of School Age Children

9 Career Ideas Mums When your baby has just been born, you only have one focus: making sure they have everything they need to get the best possible start in life.

But they’re not going to be babies forever; they’re eventually going to grow into little walking children, and, before we know it, they’ll be on their way to school. At this stage, it’ll be time to start thinking about how we’re going to be spending our days. If you’re on this page, that’ll likely mean you’re thinking about returning to the workforce. This can intimidate some mothers, as they think that, through the process of raising a child, they’ve been making themselves unemployable. This is not the case! Parents pick up a lot of skills along the way that are high in demand in the working world. Below, we take a look at some of the careers that are ideal for mothers.

Writing Online

But first, who says that you need a boss in the first place? When you’re a parent, flexibility is key, and it’s much better to be your own boss, if you have the option. If you’re in no urgent rush to make money, why not take a look at entering the writing game? There is plenty of scope to make money through writing, but it does take a while (say, a few months) to get all the experience you need to command the higher wages. It’s best to pick a niche, and you’ve got the perfect one right in front of you…being a parent! Reach out to websites that pay for articles, start your own blog, write ebooks, and so on, and you might be a fully fledged writer before you know it.

Into Education

You’ve already shown that you’re adept at nurturing other people – your children – so why not get paid for it? Becoming a teacher is hugely rewarding, and can also offer the flexibility that you need. You’ll be working the same hours as your children are in school, will have same half-terms, and so on. The real question will be whether you want to work in the same school as your children. This is fine when they’re in infant and primary school, but they may become a little embarrassed if you’re working in their secondary school…ah, those awkward teenage years!

Working in Healthcare

Some people wince at the sight of blood, don’t think they’re overly compassionate people, etc., and then they become a mother. All of a sudden, everything changes! Not only can they face the nastier side of life just fine, but they develop a desire to help others. If you’ve been nodding your head as you read this, then look at becoming a nurse. There are thousands of nursing jobs available, which means you’ll have little trouble finding work, and you’ll also have opportunities to rise through the ranks, especially if you complete an online msn mba program. You’ll be making a real difference to the world, getting paid, and using the skills that you’ve developed during motherhood. Perfect!

Personal Assistant

You’ve already proven that you’re a dab hand at organising the household, the family, and all that they involve. So why not do the same thing professionalism? Being a personal assistant can be hugely enjoyable work, and you’ve already got the skills you need to land the job. If you work closely with one business person, then you’ll also likely be able to enjoy the flexibility that goes along with working closely with one individual.

Dealing With Numbers

You keep your family’s finances in check, so why not try it with other people’s money, too? By becoming an accountant, you’ll be building on the skills that you already have. These jobs are expected to grow in the coming years, too, and can be quite well paid once you’ve got experience under your belt.


If you’re something of a self-starter and think you have the energy necessary to set up your own business, why not take a look at getting something started from home? Being an entrepreneur can take many different forms; you don’t have to have global ambitions to own a company! It can be as simple as engaging in something like drop shipping, or selling your own crafts online, or even selling your talents (for example, offering guitar or language lessons). The best thing about this option is that you can do it on your own terms, whenever you have time.

Working in HR

If you want to deal with people, consider working in HR. You’ll already possess many of the soft skills that this role requires, as well as all the organisational attributes that are needed as well. There are many jobs in this field available.

Customer Service

You’re a winner under pressure. No matter what happens, you’re always one step ahead, ready to function in a cool and collected manner, even in circumstances that would have other people losing their cool. As such, you’ll be perfect for dealing with customers. By being a customer service representative, it’ll be your job to ensure that customers have the best possible experience, no matter how frustrated they may be when they come to you.

Work From Home Opportunities

If you’re looking for something more casual, then look at online work opportunities. It can be difficult to build a full-time income, but you can bring in additional income that could top up a full-time wage. These types of jobs include online travel agent, social media manager, data entry clerk, and more. In most cases, you’ll be able to set your own hours, which will mean you’ll always be able to put your child’s needs first, while at the same time bring in some much-needed cash too.

Final Thoughts

You’re a mother first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a place for yourself in the working world, too. Indeed, as we’ve shown above, just through the act of raising your child you’ve acquired skills that will make you in demand with certain employers.


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