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The website where you can find flexible work opportunities and access useful resources to find employment, grow your career or help you start or grow a business

Hi there and thank you for visiting! I’m Suzannah and it’s great to welcome you here.

Work for Mums first went ‘live’ back in 2010. It started out as a business blog for my direct selling business. As the site grew, it started to attract people who wanted to write guest blogs for the site and advertise with us. Eventually, in April 2013, we went live as a recruitment website to help mums and dads find flexible work options.

As well as jobs for mums, there are also a wide range of useful articles to help people with their job search and career path, along with business articles for those running a business (or thinking about it).

I still run the site on my own but have a great team of UK wide contributors, virtual assistants and tech support.

Working flexibly was really important to me when I had my children, so I understand what it’s like to be a mum looking for a new opportunity – it can be an overwhelming and emotional time. I’ve structured the site so that it’s easy to navigate around but if you can’t find something or need more info, let me know and I’ll get onto it!

My personal career background has been rather varied and I didn’t know what I wanted to do until my thirties. I’ve always been drawn to support type roles and had a long career giving advice and guidance to young people at Connexions (now Careers South West).

When I was on maternity leave after having my second child, I decided that I definitely didn’t want to return to work full time. I was desperate to find something flexible so I could spend more time my children, so made the decision to start my own business, which in turn led me to create this site.

I hope you enjoy browsing Work for Mums – please let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

After seeing how I could make online business work for me and my family, I was keen to share this with others. If you’re a woman in business, feel free to hop over to my personal website to access my free business resources. I also run an online club for women in business who would like more support and training.

Thanks for dropping by.




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Work for Mums Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To help reduce unemployment by offering flexible work options and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in the UK

Our Mission:  To provide a wide range of jobs and opportunities that meet the needs of parents looking for flexible hours and family friendly employers.  To provide a supportive network and vital resources for parents starting or running their own business.

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