The Advantages of Business to Business Sales

Business to Business SalesBusiness to business sales are sales from one business to another, whereas business to client sales (sometimes known as business to people sales) are sales from the business to an end user.

The supply chain of most industries involves both steps; business to business sales provide retailers with a supply of stock and retailers, in turn, sell directly to customers. There are a few businesses who offer both services, but most fall strictly into either one category or the other.

More Specialism
The nature of business to business sales often involves more specialised products than those sold directly to the consumer. For example, software, apps and other digital infrastructure used internally by businesses are usually tailor-made for that particular organisation and their individual needs rather than being generalised off-the-shelf solutions, therefore requiring a particular set of design skills. This broadens the scope for potential profits from each sale as specialised products command a higher price across most industries than products sold directly to consumers. Because of this, a business to business based company requires fewer clients than a company that sells to consumers and relies more on volume.

Different Kinds of Buyers
Businesses buying products for themselves and their employees have different considerations than those selling directly to the consumer. A business buyer is making a decision that will impact the day to day operations of the organisation and potentially the efficiency with which employees can work. The wrong product or software or app can slow down a business, decrease inefficiency, and ultimately waste money. This places a little extra pressure on both the buyer and the supplier, but it encourages vigilance on both sides. One effective way to find potential buyers is through, which allows you to search for e-mail addresses belonging to a particular domain, so emails end up going to targeted recipients rather than a generic catch-all account.

Different Kinds of Products
Businesses are often looking for someone to supply them with a product or service that has been tailor-made to their specifications. One of the knock-on effects of this is that it becomes much easier to build lasting and reciprocal relationships with other businesses. Many will be looking for ongoing technical support after the product has been provided. They will prefer to work with other businesses they have developed a relationship and sense of trust with. Cementing these long-term relationships is crucial for the success of any business to business seller, as the nature of the marketplace makes it much harder and much more costly to attract new clients than to keep existing ones happy through relationship building loyalty discounts.

Selling to other businesses is generally very profitable, but it requires a very different approach than selling to individuals. You will need to be adaptable so you can tailor your products to the need of whatever business you are currently dealing with. You will also need to think beyond the immediate sale and consider your long-term relationships with other businesses and how to nurture these.

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