Are You A Serial Direct Seller?

With the increased need to work flexibly, there are more and more people turning to direct selling to enable them to earn extra money whilst working from home. 

Many people chose one direct selling company, primarily for the product they will be selling, but may also be attracted by the commission incentives and the value of the MLM business structure, however many people now choose to run more than one direct selling businesses alongside each other.  Why would this be the case? Some pros and cons are listed below.

The pros of running more than one direct selling businesses

  1. You may have an existing database of customers you can cross sell to
  2. Home party options are more attractive if there are more product types to choose from
  3. You may be financially better off
  4. It may enable you to become fully self employed quicker than if you were building up one business

The cons of running more than one direct selling business

  1.  Your time investment in either business may be compromised
  2. It can be confusing to those who you recruit (which business does my sponsor like best, can my sponsor invest enough time in me, does my sponsor run more than one business because one does not pay enough)
  3. You may have a preference over one business which compromises your secondary business
  4. Your personal ‘brand’ is not clear
  5. By running two business, you may find it difficult to commit 50/50 to both

After researching this on social media, the general consensus was that in order to grow your business effectively, it is much better to focus on one company only.  If you are passionate about the product and are dedicated to your long term goals, then you will reach them much quicker and with more focus than if you were trying to manage two completely different business models and products.  This is further illustrated below in the real-life experiences and opinions of other direct sellers who share their thoughts about this subject.

There is however something to say for trying out different direct selling organisations.  If you can’t quite get excited about the product you are selling, or intuitively have a feeling that it’s not for you, then cut your losses and move on.  A lack of passion and enthusiasm is not going to help you through the hard work of building up a business and you customers and team members will be able to tell if you aren’t committed.

Real life quotes and experiences from direct sellers

If you have a good progression and commission plan within your company there should be plenty to keep you occupied and plenty of regular commission. I am not allowed to run other Direct Selling Business, but I wouldn’t want to. Personally though I think cross recruiting can make people question the viability of your business, can you earn enough with just one scheme? And are you really showing true loyalty to your brand? Just my opinion, if you love the products from both your companies – great. If you are finding you need more than one for income, then perhaps you need to rethink your plan?

– Emma Butt

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All the gurus say focus on one and in my opinion they’re right. Some years ago I toyed with the idea of a second business but recognised that it would introduce too many complications and distractions. I believe that if you’re going to give your downline the support and mentoring to which they are entitled and for which they have placed their trust in you, then you only have the time and energy for one business. If you think that you have the time and energy for for more than one then you’re not doing it properly and are short-changing your downline.

– John
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I only do one. I’ve considered others but personally feel that I would rather have 1 outstanding business than 2-3 ok ones if I split my focus. There is an old saying the man who chases two rabbits gets no dinner. Good luck with whatever you decide.

– Pauline
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I have direct sales for many many years- from Kleeneze to Vie at Home. Last year, 2 opportunities came my way- Virgin Wine and The Health & Beauty company. I figured since they were so different I would give both a go. It just didn’t work. I felt like I wasn’t giving each their fair chance and putting 50% into both. Something had to give and since wine isn’t really my passion- that went. That was in July- in Aug my H&B team went from 2 to 10 and my downline sales quadrupled. My business has gone from strength to strength and I am much happier. Direct sales only works (in my opinion!) if you have a real passion for your product. I have a few friends that do a couple of direct selling companies and do ok,  but they aren’t building a team like myself.

– Kassi Leigh Ellis
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I run two business and tend to break up tasks i.e. one day on one business and one on the other. Both my direct selling business are completely different… One is wellness the other is purely online. I believe if you draw up a time table and stick it it works. They join business A do you pitch them business B; I never cross recruit which some people do.  Four weeks after I joined my video communication company my sponsor asked me to look at BB (Banners Broker), I said no. Then 3 weeks later my sponsor asked me to check out empower network etc. Even today he keeps asking me to look at other opportunities… I think this is wrong as I have lost respect for my sponsor and now I work with my upline. What I don’t understand is in the offline business world a person may start off with one business then expand into other areas he will be seen a an expert. Personally I think this can be done online in MLM too, just as long as everything is separate, that’s all.. My point of view.

– Chigz
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I do Phoenix but now have a regular customer base and am working on marketing my on line shop. Also do Kleeneze and that is now my focus as the turnover is quicker and more profitable. Love them both. Recruiting to Kleeneze as its more profitable but will suggest phoenix if people don’t want Kleeneze.

– Rie Pearson

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Do you run more than one direct selling business successfully?  Please share your story or comment below.

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  1. Suzie 10:53 pmNovember 12, 2014

    There is no way I would want to run more than one direct selling business, I did toy with taking a second on simply as I have a love of books, but I would rather pour my heart and soul into my Xenca Business rather than split my time better two businesses, and not do either justification. I owe my customers and people I work with more than half my effort and time.
    I am so busy now with the run up to Christmas, I am so very glad I decided to remain focused on The Xenca Way and this has paid dividends, in more ways than one,

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