Attaining A Higher Degree To Improve Career Prospects

Untitled design (26)Attaining a higher degree to improve job prospect: online learning or the traditional campus experience?

Balancing family life and responsibilities with your career is a huge challenge. Being a well-respected career woman is definitely something that provides you with a sense of accomplishment and purpose in life. At the same time, being a parent, and spending time with your family is the most important thing in many people’s eyes. The challenge of balance is sometimes made even more difficult by the lack of job opportunities available. Instead of finding your dream job that allows you to make a good income while still being able to spend lots of time with your family, it is sometimes the case that many mums settle for lower paying jobs that force them to work more hours to earn a sufficient wage solely due to low job prospect.

One viable option to improve job prospects and increase opportunities is to attain a higher degree. With a higher qualification and degree earned, there is a greater potential for higher paying jobs with greater benefits. Traditionally, the only option to attain a higher degree would be only the physical campus learning experience. However, the world has become much smaller, there is an importance placed on diversity and international experience as well as adaptability among cultures. The world has also picked up its speed a bit; people have tight schedules, many times children and it is very common to work while attending university. For working mums especially, it is vital that there are as many options as possible to customize their higher learning experience to their needs and schedule to ensure they are getting the most out of their educational experience as possible, which is one reason why online learning has become such a popular option.

But how to decide which option, online learning or the traditional campus experience is for you? Here we have outlined some important points to help you to make you decision.

1. Where are you and where do you want to go?

Do you have a well-respected university that is close? Is that where you want to spend the next 2, 3, 4 years until you complete your degree? If the answers to these questions are yes, then perhaps the traditional campus situation is right for you. If you can easily access a good university in a place where you are happy to stay then why not choose local?

On the other hand, are you unsure of how long you’ll stay in your current location? The benefits of online universities are that you can access your classes from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

2. What kind of learner are you?

What is your learning style? Do you learn better with sight, hearing or with a more hands on experience?

What kind of student are you? Students that are able to structure themselves to do their work independently have a great potential to succeed in both the online learning and traditional campus experience. If you need some more motivation, or if you prefer to work face to face with other students and professors than maybe you would learn better with a traditional university experience.

3. What other personal situations do you have to consider?

One of the main reasons that online learning has become so popular is that is creates an easy access for students that don’t necessarily have their entire time to devote to learning. When you have children to take care of, already work a full time job or are involved in important organizations that require you to travel, whatever the reason is, if you have a limited schedule time, online learning could be the choice for you.

4. Mums Careers - Higher EducationWhat is your financial situation?

It is highly dependent on your location and universities surrounding your area, but there can be a significant difference in price for tuition to an online learning university compared to a traditional campus. Check this out if this could be a factor in your decision process.

5. What type of degree are you looking to pursue?

One reason to choose an online degree would be because they do not offer it at your university and you are not willing to move. Not all kinds of degrees are available online, however. For example, areas such as engineering sciences, computer science, digital media, and technology management have become increasingly available online, which can also give students a good idea of the working environment that they are interested in pursuing.

Other degrees that require more hands-on experience such as in the medical or teaching field may require you study at the traditional campus. In many cases you will need an internship or more face-to-face experience.

How to find the perfect university for you?

Considering the points outlined above can be a good starting point for your choice. It may be easier to find a well-respected traditional campus experience. This is the more widely practiced option and there will likely be more of a “reputation” that you can base your decision on. For online learning it is important to do a bit of research to make sure that you’ve found a reputable experience that is going to be accepted by employers.

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