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Should You Stay Or Should You Go? Making Your Job Better

There’s something about starting a family that seriously makes you reevaluate your working life. Whether it’s the fact that you want to earn more to provide your children with greater security, or the fact that you want to claw back a better work life balance or even just that if you’re spending time away from your family you want your work to be something which makes you proud and passionate, you may find yourself considering leaving your job or starting up your own business. It’s a big decision, and more than a little nerve-wracking. So what factors to you need to think about when deciding whether to stay or go?

Do you need to change your life at work?

If the balance isn’t right in your current job, it doesn’t automatically have to follow that you need a new one. If there are specific factors which need to change, consider whether you can achieve that where you are. We are surrounded by stories that make it seem as if extreme change is the only possible way – people who gave up a career in investment banking to grow organic vegetables – but we need to remember that what makes a good story isn’t always what would solve our own problems. Incremental change is highly beneficial, and everyone knows that it’s generally easier to fix an issue from the inside. You have the option to make a small change – like proposing a change in your working hours – that can make a big difference in a small way.

Do you need to change your skill set?

Sometimes, we can like the area we work on, but not have quite the skill set we need to move forward to the next level. But changing your job isn’t the only way to grow in skills and experience. You could try avenues such as requesting a different range of projects to increase your exposure, shadowing colleagues in other areas of the business or seeking out a mentor. You can also find ways to gain new skills through qualifications – some courses can be done part-time or through distance learning through institutions like Aston Online University. Check what skills the people occupying the jobs you want have and think about how you can get there yourself before handing in your notice.

Do you need to take a new step?
Often people think of their jobs with a level of finality – but realise this – your next career move doesn’t have to be your last. The days of a job for life are long gone, and it’s highly likely that you’ll have several careers in your lifetime. As you grow older, your skills and ambitions change over time and you can move paths to accommodate that. Many people feel happiest with portfolio careers, where they combine several different jobs and enjoy multiple income streams instead of relying on just one – think of the model/actress/DJ/social media star for proof! People live and work for far longer these days, so it’s natural to explore many different occupations. So there’s no need to feel as if you only get one shot to choose the ideal path for you.

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Virtual Office

A Guide To Maintaining A Professional Presence When Using Virtual Offices

The great thing about the virtual office is that it can give your business the address and phone number needed to project the right image while placing your business in some of the most desirable places around the country.

The virtual office also provides businesses with a platform for taking care of business. Depending on your business’s needs in the UK, you can structure your office to the size of the business.

The virtual office works by providing businesses with excellent IT services, in many cases WiFi, and access to the tools needed to function on site. The office plan can work great for businesses who find themselves constantly on the go because the office can be accessed through an established portal. To gain the advantage of the virtual office, though, businesses have to make sure the image projected to the public is a professional one.

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Mum Online Business

How New Mums Can Get a Leg Up with a Part-Time Online Business

Many will argue that being a mum is the toughest job on the planet.

Those who believe otherwise have likely never been in such a position. However, this does not necessarily signify that you are limited in terms of employment or online business opportunities. There are plenty of part-time jobs available on the market today. We are not referring to “get-rich-quick” schemes nor will we be discussing methods which generate only a few pounds each day (such as taking online surveys).

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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance Tips for Parents

Life as a parent is one that typically consists of constantly being on-the-go. The few moments that you do have to relax are usually filled with the demands of active kids or work deadlines.

Nevertheless, finding a balance as well as solutions to creating balance is still a goal for many. You may have personally clicked on this article because you’re looking for new pointers regarding how to create balance in your life and make more time for family. If this happens to be the case, then you should carry on reading as you’ll fun work-life balance tips for you as a parent.

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Fitness Career

Peak Performance: Reasons to Start a Career in Fitness

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to start a career in the fitness industry. Some people are driven by a desire to help people reach their peak level of fitness, while others have simply had a passion for exercise from a young age.

If you have been weighing up whether or not a career in fitness might be the right course of action for you, this article is here to present you with a positive case for this particular industry. You should also check out the other online resources which can help you out such as this PT Covering Letter example. After you have finished, you may well end up being inspired and ready to launch an entirely new career yourself.

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Katie Dickerson - SquirmyPopple

Should I Stop Calling Myself a ‘Working Mother’?

I spend a lot of my time, both in the working world and outside of it, advocating for better support for working mothers.

After all, I’m a mother. I work. Ever since I returned to the office after maternity leave, it’s been a key part of my identity. I love my kid to bits, but I also love spending time away from her doing something that I’m good at. I’ve fully embraced the sleek-blazer-covered-in-snot-stains look.

So why has this whole ‘working mother’ thing started to bother me?

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Events Management

Events Management: The Intangible Rewards of Organising Fundraisers

Being an event planner is a very rewarding job both from a social and professional standpoint.

Currently, the events industry in the UK is worth £42.3 billion, according to event technology platform Eventbrite, and experienced organisers can earn anywhere from £28,000- £80,000 per year. Aside from the attractive salaries, it can land you dozens of networking opportunities, which can open a lot of doors in the future.

Seeing your vision come to life is a satisfying experience in itself, but some events planners choose to enrich their life more by organising fundraisers as well.

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Business Networking

How to Network Successfully

It is said that no man is an island, and this is especially true in the world of business.

Regardless of the industry, sector, or niche you work within, you won’t be doing so alone; there will be a vast number of businesses operating in the same market as you. While healthy competition can help boost your productivity, rather than looking at these businesses as competition, view them as collaborators, people who you can turn to for support, and who you will support when they need you. However, there is an art to networking.

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Woman Working At Home

Working from Home – How to Start on The Right Foot

The number of employees who are beginning their own business and working from home nowadays is constantly on the rise, and many of them have had great success!

There’s no denying that working from the comfort of your own home is very appealing, as well as being your own boss, and luckily technology has helped to make it possible. Such advances mean there are many types of business you can run from anywhere in the world. However, there are numerous things you need to consider before you take the first step.

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Mum with Baby

Can You Really Balance Parenthood And A Career?

Being a parent is one of the great joys in life, and having time off work gives you time to spend with your little one, ensuring you don’t miss some of the key moments in their young life.

Their first steps, their first words, potty training – the joys! But what about when all of this is said and done? You might start thinking about taking up your career again.

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