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Blogs started out as informal, personal journals but have become increasingly popular across all sorts of topics.  Many companies have also seen the potential of blogging for their business, be it as a way to connect to their customer base, or to attract new customers using SEO techniques on their blogs to increase their presence online.   These tips are aimed at people who are already blogging but want to improve their skills to maximise the impact of their blog and give it more credibility.

  • What makes your blog stand out from the rest? Have a look at other blogs in your market.  What do you like about them?  Or dislike about them?
  • Advertising on your blog.  If you have advertising on your blog don’t let this distract from the content.  Put your blog followers and readers first.  
  • Reader interaction.  Always allow and actively encourage comments on your blog.  This will engage your readers and hopefully they will keep coming back to your blog once you have established that personal connection.  Of course you may occasionally get some negative comments but take any criticism on the chin and learn from it.
  • Back links. Encourage links to your blog to increase your profile, but ensure they are appropriate and relevant.
  • Blog length.  Remember your aren’t writing a novel.  There are no particular rules about the amount of characters to use in a single blog post, as it does depend on the readership and content, but try to keep it concise.
  • Blog frequency.  Again there are no particular rules, but I would suggest once or twice a week is a good amount.  Too few blogs will mean your readers may lose interest, too many blog posts can be over-whelming for your readers and they may not read the content.  It is also worth offering teasers of future posts to encourage readers to return.
  • Make it pretty! Use relevant images where you can to break up the text and make your blog look more interesting.
  • Post tags.  Don’t over tag blog posts.  Use tags/keywords that are relevant to the post.
  • Blog promotion.  Use social media to encourage people to visit and interact with your blog but try not to spam your friends/followers.
  • Own your blog.  Remember to write as you would talk.  People like to know there is a real person writing the stuff they are reading and your personality can really come across in your blog, even if it is used for business purposes.  Just keep to the topic, check your spelling and grammar and proof read the published post.
  • Be mindful of your reputation.  With personal blogs you can pretty much write about what you like, but as with social media it’s best not to blog when you are stressed, tired or drunk! Keep in mind the legal implications of confidentiality, slander and defamation.  If you are blogging for business, it’s probably better to keep your blogs factual and informative.  You can still inject your personality but write objectively and keep any strong personal opinions to yourself.
  • Have fun.  Enjoy writing your blogs and don’t see it as a chore.  If you aren’t in the mood just leave it and come back when you are.
  • You will find your ‘blog style’  and writing improves as the amount of blog posts you have written increases, so it’s well worth re-visiting old posts after six months or so and updating them if needed
I hope you have found these tips useful! If you have any that you would like to add please do comment 🙂


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