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Bomme managed to turn failure into success! After realising that her first business wasn’t working out, she came across a network marketing opportunity which turned things around for her and her family.

If you could first of all introduce yourself…

My name is Olubunmi (my nickname is Bomme). I am married with two children and I live in Leamington Spa.

What is the Direct Selling Company you represent? Please could you tell us a little bit about their history.

I work under the umbrella of Forever Living Products, in the health and wellness sector. Forever are the Aloe Vera company and they have now been going for 40 years. They celebrate their 40th Anniversary this year. Over time Forever has grown consistently through expanding into new international markets and developing new products that keep customers coming back for more.

How did you come to join your company?

I was running a children’s furniture company called Kinderroom with my husband. We had a shop in Leamington spa and a website. We had thrown everything into the business and it wasn’t working. To put it in a few words, the business was going bust. Our health was suffering, and we were finding it hard to make any decisions. I came across an ad for a business developers role online and I spoke to a lady called Cora (she is now my mentor) who told me all about the Forever business opportunity and the products. As I was not sleeping at night and finding it hard to think straight, I was desperate to get my hands on the aloe vera drinking gel which Cora suggested may help. I was desperate to find anything that would help, and I thought if the products work for me, I would look at the business opportunity seriously. As it made sense to get the products at a discount from day one, I joined the business. I figured that I had nothing to lose.

After 3 weeks of taking the gel, both my husband and I felt so much better. We figured out the reason why; we were finding it easier to go to sleep at night and we slept for longer. I am sure this contributed to us finally being able to make the decisions we needed to make in order to move on.

 Why did you feel that Direct Selling was the best option for you?

I was blown away by the Forever business model. Prior to opening the children’s shop, both my husband and I worked for blue chip corporations. We were used to looking at business models, but Forever’s model was a new concept for us. The model is based on time leverage, you work with a team of like-minded people and show them exactly what you are doing and help them to duplicate this with others. You are all doing a little bit, depending on the time you have to give to your business, but the net effect is that together you build a strong network of professionals who are helping customers with the products directly. Everyone is paid by Forever for retailing the products and for helping their team members to do the same.

I love the fact that you recommend products to your customers based on your personal experience with the products. Where else would you get that? I am paid to recommend products that I love! I always recommend the products I am using personally to my customers. We say in Forever, “recommend from the heart and not the wallet”!

It gets better. The income you can earn from Forever is uncapped, so you can decide what you are worth and how much you want to earn. The exciting bit is that you can build a legacy style income with Forever. This just means that Forever will pay you literally “forever” for the work you put in with your team members to help them to find customers and to find team members, it is quite remarkable really. This legacy style income is willable, so my plan is to work hard in my business for the next 5 years, so I can build a legacy to leave to my children.

Did you have any previous experience of direct selling or running a business?

I had no direct experience of direct selling, but I didn’t need any. My mentor and Forever have provided me with all the training and information I have needed to get my business started. The lesson I had learnt from my children’s furniture business was to keep overheads as low as possible and Forever offers a perfect solution for this. All the marketing materials I use are created by the company and they have templates for most things. I rarely have stock unless I am doing an event as it is an easy to order from Head Office as and when you have orders from customers.

Tell me a bit more about the products you offer

We are in the health and wellness business and we have over 200 products! Our products range from sports and nutrition, skincare, weight management and vitamins and supplements. It is completely up to you whether you work with the full range of products or concentrate on an area of interest to you. I work across the product range as I love the variety of our products and we use over 20 of them each day in my household.

How do you find new people to join your team?

I experiment with different methods (I probably use about 3 methods at anyone time), but usually I place ads online, in the local shops in my area as well as talking to people I meet. I particularly enjoying networking with other like-minded people and making connections that way! The good thing is that I am taught quite a few methods of finding people to work with and I can easily try any of them to see what works for me.

Do you have a preferred way to retail? What is most profitable for you?

I really do enjoy doing pop up shops in public places like shopping centres. I also enjoy doing private in-home events as it is a great way to take the product to your customers in the comfort of their own homes.

What about support for you? Such as company training and upline support.

I can honestly say that the support you receive is incredible. The leaders in Forever are very keen to help everyone achieve their goals as together, we all achieve more. Our business works based on helping people. You really must love people to be in this business. Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want.

There is so much training on offer with your mentor as well as with Forever. We have a professional advisory board consisting of a doctor, nutritionist, vet and a beautician that expertly guide us through all we need to know about the products and the benefits that customers can experience through using them. These trainings are available at different venues across the UK.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

My biggest challenge has been around my own self-belief and feeling of self-worth. Have you heard the saying “You’re not what you think you are. What you think, we are”. You have also probably heard the saying “people buy people”. If you have negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, that will automatically put you in a place of low self-worth and anyone you engage with will pick up on this, not a great starting point to ask someone to join your team. However, as I have had total belief in the company, the people and the fairness of the way they do business, I would never have given up. I have simply stuck at improving my thoughts about myself until I was in the position to build my business and anyone can do this business if they don’t give up!

What have been the best and worst things that have happened since you’ve been in business?

The best thing has been meeting such wonderful caring people within Forever, people who are always prepared to go the extra mile for you. The worst thing is realising that although you want to help people, those people must want to help themselves too! You simply must get used to the fact that people will join you but do nothing with their business. However, there will be others who will join and will fly with it, so I would never give up.

How you fit in running your business with your family? 

Life is a constant juggling act with so many activities that the children are involved in. I have a strict schedule with means I get up early, go to my day job and then pick up the kids. I spend precious time with them between 3:45pm – 7:00pm doing homework and the usual stuff. I then turn my attention to my business and crack on. I also spend 2 weekends in every 4 at events to recommend my products and to meet people who might be interested in the business. I also attend our business presentation evening each week. This is where I take prospective business owners to find out more about Forever. I do make a point of having a night off at least once a week and a day off over the weekend too.

What 3 words would you use to describe your ‘business self’?

Laser focussed, ethical and fun

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into direct selling?

Everyone should have a direct selling business. You can build a legacy style income from a no risk starting point. This will ultimately give you freedom, time and money at the same time. I really believe that direct selling is the modern-day franchise and will grow in strength over the next 5-10 years.

I say go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are hardworking and know you have more to give but just can’t see a way of achieving more in what you are currently doing, then I think direct selling could be for you.

Find a reputable company that has been going for a good number of years as you want them to be around for many years to come. Make sure you have a good rapport with the person who sponsors you into the business as you will rely on them to teach you all they know. I think it is also paramount that you love the product or service that you will be recommending in your direct selling business.

Who do you look up to business wise? Do you have a business idol/mentor?

My business idol is Steve Jobs because he was a visionary. He was a good business man and he had an inherent understanding of what customers would love. He was focussed, extremely hard working and a perfectionist in everything that he did. He was the incarnation of simplicity.

If you could go back in time, would you change anything?

There are many things I could think about changing, but I have learnt to respect that your journey is your journey. I believe that every decision I have taken was for a reason and although It may not have had the desired outcome, there was a life experience waiting for me that I gained from hugely.

How much is it to join your company and what do people have to do if they want to find out more?

It is £199.75 to register with your “Start your journey pack”. This pack is full of the top selling UK products as well as all the sales literature that is required for getting started.

And finally, where can we find you?

I am always available on my mobile for a friendly chat and If I can’t talk there and then, I will arrange to call you back.




Tel: 07806 557903

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