Budget-Friendly Holiday Ideas For Single Parents

Family HolidayBeing a single parent isn’t easy. It means there’s one of you and one or more of them. It’s lonely at times and there are challenges to overcome.

The perfect solution for a busy single parent is to go on holiday with the kids and simply have fun. The best holidays don’t have to be the most expensive. Learn money saving hacks and how to have a budget-friendly holiday as a single parent.

Take A Road Trip

Road trips are easy to plan because you pick a place you want to go and jump in the car. Kids love riding in the car and will be excited to see the sights as you drive. Of course, you’ll need to budget for gas and any stops you make along the way. See what indulgences you should stay away from using the Ladbrokes Games resource and avoid overspending on your road trip.

Head to the Beach

The beach is one of those places you’ll want to visit time and time again. It never gets old. The picturesque views and sand between your toes feels so good. Your kids will love splashing in the water and soaking up the sunshine. Bring toys to play with and grab lunch at a fun spot nearby to keep the vibe light.

Go Camping

Camping is an adventure in itself. Round up the kids and set up tents to sleep in overnight. It’s a great idea to roast marshmallows over a campfire and sing songs. The next day you should wander through the wilderness and enjoy nature. If your kids are old enough, go for a hike and scope out the landscape.

Sightseeing & Museums

Sightseeing makes for a pleasurable and budget-friendly holiday adventure. Let your kids participate in the process of scoping out where you’ll go and what you’ll see. If that doesn’t appeal to them, head to a museum where there are hands on exhibits for the kids. They’ll not only be having fun on holiday, but will learn something too.

Attend A Sporting Event

A sporting event is a great way to celebrate time off. There are a variety of sports and teams to attend, so get your kids involved in picking who you’ll see. The games are filled with cheering fans and delicious concession stands. Don’t worry so much about where you’re sitting, but that you’re together as a family.

Visit A Fair or Carnival

Attend a fair or carnival and appreciate how much fun you’ll have at such a low cost. There are rides to be ridden and cotton candy to be eaten. Your kids will love the festive atmosphere and funny clowns. If you want to avoid the crowds, look at the calendar and select a day to attend during the week when it won’t be as crowded.

Combine Forces

Grab your best friend and their kids and head to a city or attraction together. The fact that you’re all together will be reason enough to have a good time. Spending time with friends is the perfect holiday that won’t cost you a fortune.


These money saving hacks will help you be able to go on holiday without breaking your bank. Save money and still enjoy a lovely holiday with your kids. All it takes is a little creativity and some determination to make it worthwhile.

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