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International BusinessYou live in the digital age, and so it is becoming common for many people to run businesses from home using the internet.

There are few restrictions in place, and it’s possible that you could sell products or services to customers and clients all over the world. Of course, there are some issues you will face when dealing with international trade. That is the case, even for small business owners who run everything from home. So, take a few minutes to read the info on this page and make sure you cover all the bases. With a bit of luck, you’ll manage to secure stable income for many years to come.

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Presentation Public SpeakingPresentations. The word alone can bring a lump to our throats, as we imagine having to stand in front of a group of people – acquaintances and strangers alike – to be judged on our ideas. But not to worry.

Public speech is a common fear amongst many of us, but when it is a necessary part of your career progression, there are a few simple things that you can do to help calm the situation and prepare you to give the best presentation possible. Here are just a couple for you to consider.

Get to Grips with Microsoft Powerpoint

While you may not have used Microsoft Powerpoint before, you really should learn how to use it at least on a basic level if you’re planning on giving a presentation.

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If this is the first time you’ve launched a new business, there is a decent chance that you will make some errors during the early stages.

That is not your fault, and experience is the only reason other entrepreneurs avoid those pitfalls. So, you need to read as much as possible and gather lots of information before getting your company off the ground. The article you’re reading right now contains some essentials that you can’t afford to overlook. So, take a moment to consider all the actions mentioned on this page, and then ensure you use the info to make all the right moves. 50% of new companies fail within the first twelve months, and that is why you need to pay attention.

Register your business with the authorities

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Working MotherBeing a successful work-from-home entrepreneur or freelancer, while also being a stay at home parent, is far from easy. Timing can be a major issue, and there’s no way of knowing with certainty when your child will need your attention.

Nonetheless, being a stay at home parent lends itself perfectly to being a home-based entrepreneur for many different reasons. It is by far the most flexible working arrangement you could enjoy, and allows you to be there for your child almost constantly during the day, in case any emergency might arise.

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Organised OfficeWhat’s the one thing all successful business owners have in common? Exceptional organisation skills.

If this is one area that is letting your company down, you must take the steps to organise your workload, resources and staff to create a more productive enterprise. Read how to improve your business’s organisation.

A Proactive Approach

Are you taking each day one step at a time? If so, you might be reacting to a situation rather than preparing for it. As a result, resolving issues can take longer and can slow down your business. Embrace a proactive approach, so you can identify what you will need to do before you need to it. Know exactly what you will have to do tomorrow, and aim to identify any potential issues early on so you can develop an appropriate response.

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Online BusinessSo, you’ve decided to set up a small business to run from home? It’s certainly going to give you the flexibility and freedoms to juggle your busy life, but don’t assume that it’ll be an overnight success.

There are lots of things to think about when starting a company, including getting yourself a website – that all important digital shop front, which should bring in customers and revenue. How do you get your site noticed in the massive internet world, and stand out from your nearest competitors?

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Working from HomeWhen you are setting up your home office, you want it to be a productive environment that will help you to complete your work effectively. It could mean having a comfortable desk chair or making sure it is in a quiet part of the house.

There are also other factors apart from your work space, such as how the technology you will be using, will help your business succeed. Choosing the right technology is vital if you are to make your company work. Here are a few ways you can ensure your technology is right for you.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before you can decide on the level of technology you need, it is important that you assess what those needs are. A lot of your needs will depend on the work you will be doing. If you are a graphic designer or video editor, the chances are you will need a fairly high specification computer to accomplish your tasks. You can either buy a new computer or you can upgrade your existing system from companies such as Offtek.

You will also need to work out what technology and software your clients will be using so that you can ensure compatibility and easy migration of the finished product.  

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Working MumFor many mothers with young children, the idea of working Monday through Friday 9-5 outside of the home is neither feasible nor desirable.

Child care costs can often eat up a large portion of the woman’s salary, leaving her with little cash left over and little time to spend with the kids. This is a big part of why so many moms choose to work from home and follow their career goals from their own home office.

Of course, this means you need to be doing a great job of marketing your business and services. A website is an absolute must nowadays, not just as a marketing/advertising tool but also as a way to communicate with customers and educate them on your offerings. The web host you choose will have a large impact on how successful your website is, which is exactly why you want to be sure you take the time to choose the right host.

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Business to Business SalesBusiness to business sales are sales from one business to another, whereas business to client sales (sometimes known as business to people sales) are sales from the business to an end user.

The supply chain of most industries involves both steps; business to business sales provide retailers with a supply of stock and retailers, in turn, sell directly to customers. There are a few businesses who offer both services, but most fall strictly into either one category or the other.

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Sarah Rugg - My VA BusinessSarah Rugg took the leap from successful corporate banking career to freelance VA after the birth of her second child, and admits to having made every mistake possible. More than a decade on she explains how to avoid the pitfalls of starting up your own freelance business.

There’s little doubt that stepping off the corporate career ladder is scary. As a mum, finding your feet as a freelancer may remind you of your own toddler, a few faltering steps followed by a stumble. But as any toddler learns, keep getting back on your feet and you will soon be unstoppable!

When I decided to stand on my own two feet as a freelancer, I stumbled more times than you can imagine, despite spending months preparing for my exit from the corporate world.

I was consumed with questions like: what’s the best business to get into; how much should I charge; what do I do to market my business and – more often than not – can I really do this? The trouble is that every question generated multiple possibilities, and the only way I could find out if it would work was to take the first step and be prepared to fall on my bum! And fall I did – so many times.

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