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Linkedin can be a great place to find business, make contacts, build relationships, look for a job, to advertise and promote your products and services and to be seen by people in your area. There are many reasons why someone would open a Linkedin account but no matter what the reason the same rules apply for everyone. It is vitally important that your profile tells your story, and does so professionally.

Unlike Facebook, which can have a dual purpose utilising a personal profile and a business page, Linkedin is used solely for business. There are no family holiday snaps or interaction with friends on a casual basis. You go on Linkedin for one reason and one reason only. To grow your business lifeline.

So how do we make our profile stand out from the crowd? We need to get it right, right from the start and that all begins with you investing the time to completely round your information out.

Your Linkedin profile is the single most important part of your account. It is, after all, the beginning and the end of your account! Here are some tips to make sure that you and your profile stand out.

Profile Picture Use a professional photo for your profile picture if you can. If you can’t afford to get one done then make it look as good as you can. That means no selfies, or holiday snaps. You need to project a good image, one of trust and reliability.

Keywords Make good use of keywords in your profile. People search for businesses using keywords so make sure that yours pops up on the first page of results. One way of coming out on top is by using them in your professional headline. This is visible below your name and can be keyword rich. It doesn’t have to be a job title at this stage. Use vertical lines to separate the keywords, not commas. For example Kim Garst uses the keyword ‘social media’ multiple times in her business headline.


Kim Garst

You also need to carry your keywords through into descriptions and summaries of yourself and your business. Although do be careful not to simply list attributes.

Summary Your summary gives more detailed information on you and your business. Here you can include your position/title, your company mission statement, a description about your business and other general information.

If you are in the market for a job this is where you need to talk about your qualities.

Experience This section allows you to add your present and past employment, length of time in a position, duties etc. You can fill this part out as you would in your CV. One of the beauties of this section is that you can ask people for recommendations for each position. If you were an employee then these would be references, if you are a business then here’s where you can ask people to give testimonials for your work.

Education & Courses These are self explanatory. Education consists of University degrees and even school exams, whereas courses would cover fields of study after full time education has been completed.  These could be courses that you have studied to keep you up to date in your industry or topics that you have studied to keep ahead in your field, seminars etc.

Contact details Make sure that your contact details are filled out properly and kept up to date. There is no point in having a great profile and getting interest of no one can contact you are. You also want to check your settings too to make sure that people can connect with you on Linkedin.

Endorsements Be sure to give plenty of endorsements to connections. People love to give back, so you will receive many in return.

Connecting Search for people and businesses that will help you. Either people that you would like to be employed by or work with. Send them connection requests. Type in keywords to bring up the relevant matches. Once you start to build up your network you will be surprised how easy it is to start connections. As I search for people within my industry is is amazing to see how many of them are only 2 or 3 people away from a connection of mine. When you see this you can ask your 1st degree contact to introduce you. That’s a powerful tool.

Relationship building Once you have connected with someone make sure that you send them a welcome or nice to meet you message. It’s a good ice breaker and it will make you stand out as not everyone does this. Don’t try to sell anything. Just say hi and give a general overview of what you do, and most importantly ask them questions. People love talking about themselves so let them speak. If you are listening you will make them happy and build trust. Make ‘friendships’ and people will network for you.

Be of value Post on Linkedin with relevant articles about your industry/niche. Be of value to those who around you and they will look to you for advice and give you referrals.

Linkedin can be a great place to build a network of like minded people, people who you can benefit and who can benefit you. People in your industry/niche and even potential customers. Don’t overlook Linkedin. It can be a powerful tool. I’d love to see you on Linkedin, please pop by and connect with me

Tara Chatzakis – Business Developer & Coach, Cultivating Health & Wealth

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If you’re a small or solo business owner who is confused by social media marketing or just not making much progress, then this is the book for you. In the video below, Helen explains more about her new book:

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Considering using social networks for your business?

Here are some statistics and tips to help you to get started.

Website Description Estimated Monthly Visitors
Facebook Online Community 750,000,000
YouTube Video Sharing 450,000,000
Twitter Micro Blogging 250,000,000
LinkedIn Professional Networking 110,000,000
Blogger Web Log 75,000,000

Social Networking Statistics:

70% of internet users use social networking
36% of people have talked about a brand on a social network
61% of people are open to giving feedback on brands and products
44% of customers actually want to take part in the co-creation of products
79% of customers have passed on a negative experience on a social network
82% of customers will stop business with a company due to a negative experience
15% of social media users have been contacted by a company after posting a negative experience

Advantages of Social Networking

•    Completely free with cheap advertising
•    Millions of people at your fingertip
•    Share news as it happens
•    Encourages visitors to your website
•    Quick and effective

Disadvantages of Social Networking

•    Distracts you from other work
•    Detracts from other relationships
•    Reputation can quickly be ruined online
•    Eyesight and physical health can be affected

Social Networking Tips

Establish a Clear Purpose
Decide in advance what you want to use social networking for and then use it for that purpose only. Write down your purpose and make it visible before going online.  After every session, ask yourself, “What did I just achieve while social networking today and was it in line with my purpose?”

Set Up Top Tips: Create a profile on all social networking sites.  Always add your photo and fill in the ‘About’ section with relevant info.  Include a link to your website, blog, etc.  Connect your social networking sites so they point to each other as much as possible saving you some time.  Everything you do on your sites should remain in line with your purpose.

Establish a Clear Time Frame
Decide beforehand how long you want to spend social networking and then achieve what you have set out to do within that time limit.  Disable chat facilities while working or have intentional times when your purpose is to chat with a clear time frame of how long you intend to chat to people.

Update Top Tips: The optimum time to update your status is daily around 3pm on weekdays.  If you want to post twice a day, update at 11am or 8pm in addition to your 3pm post.  Updates outside of these times have significantly less hits but you should monitor when your target audience are most online.  Take a break from 3pm Friday until 11am Monday – it will bear little fruit unless your target audience are specifically online over weekends for some reason.

Establish a Clear Target Audience: Decide beforehand who you need to connect with and stick to these ‘friends’ only.  Avoid searching for past friends or loves – they will take up all of your time and bear no fruit.  Be intentional!  See who is following people in a similar line of work to you and connect with them too.

Friend Top Tips: Don’t feel bad for not accepting a friend request or blocking someone, knowing who not to connect with is as important as knowing who to connect with.  Some people are likely do more damage than good and once a good reputation is lost it’s very difficult to win it back.

King’s Daughters offer a social media workshop called SHOUT as well as one-on-one business consultations with a free business health check.  Find out more at

Twitter is a funny old place. Lots to see and do on there. Always lots to read and clickable links on there. Lots of amazing pictures on there. In fact, lots of everything on there! Including peeps!

Do you ever wonder how to find the best people on Twitter?

There are many people on Twitter that can offer you exactly what you need, both through friendships, spirituality, information, business and many more. Twitter is one of the best places online to find your ideal client or a great service provider. It is easy to get confused though with the vast amount of accounts to choose from.

Did you know that there is a Twitter directory?

A place you can go to find the most popular Twitter accounts for any niche!

Let me introduce Twellow

Twellow is a great site where you can simply add the niche you are interested in eg: fitness and find some of the biggest, most popular accounts on Twitter that are guaranteed to fill your twitter feed with an amazing array of quality tweets to keep you motivated and up to date on the latest developments.

Twellow also allows you to register and add yourself to the directory so that people can find you too. Make sure that you add your information on Twellow, such as your location, correctly as once it’s entered it can’t be changed. I have relocated since joining Twellow and the little devils that run the account settings department there won’t allow me to add a new location to my profile. It’s frustrating, but then again Twitter and Twellow attract visitors globally  and my niche is social media so my business is run online. Location isn’t really an obstacle for me. If it is though, please be thorough and double check your account details before hitting save!

When I use Twellow to find accounts of interest I often cross reference them with klout. shows your online influence. If you have an account on Twitter you can register with klout and start building a klout score. Scores range from 0-99. 99 being the highest score.

Many companies seeking candidates to fill job positions use klout as an indication of the applicants influence, especially if you are in the online industry.

Klout has rolled out many changes over the past 12 months and now you can even show your expertise in a specific niche by answering questions that have been posed by other klout users. It’s a great way to get in front of your ideal client and to get noticed. It checks all of your social networks every 90 days so it is always updating your activity.

Some people eat and sleep their klout scores and swear by having a high score. You can make of it what you will, it carries as much weight as you allow it to. I have to say though that having one is a good way to make an impression. Not long ago American Airlines were offering free entry to their airport lounges, even if you weren’t flying with them, providing you had a klout score over 55 so they are obviously watching the site. To find out more click here. Never underestimate your online presence and its power!

Remember visit and register for the Twitter directory, and also sign up for a klout profile at Both are free to join so great exposure for your business without the hefty fee! – Tara

Do you use Twitter? I do, well me and  a couple of other thousand people! We all congregate and chat using only 140 characters about whatever topic happens to be trendy today.

We discuss the weather, political events, exchange recipes, show our new found special offers and direct people to our websites using links. We upload pictures of our families and holiday snaps, not to mention words of wisdom to help our followers get through the day.
In fact Twitter is pretty much a full time job! Once you have a Twitter feed going you need to stay on top of things otherwise chances are that you’ll miss important information, miss important leads and most certainly miss important opportunities! Twitter is so fast and furious that you can’t sit still on there for long.

I have a few followers and am following quite a few people in return. This means that when I go into Twitter I may have 20 or so new messages, around 50 people to thank for retweeting me, I may have to respond to a list of replies or mentions and that’s even before I go in and start nosing around for something great to retweet myself or begin tweeting myself for the day. My Twitter stream moves so quickly, quite literally hundreds of tweets pass through my home stream within a matter of minutes.

Twitter has grown from the tiny little birdy that it was originally into an enormous eagle encompassing the globe with one beat of its gigantic wings! Seriously, Twitter is big business and with it comes huge responsibility.

Using Twitter for business is a must! YOU have to be on Twitter and be on there daily in order to make a dent in it. Twitter can be a great source for leads, potential clients, customer feedback, friendships and much more. Once you start tweeting though you owe it to your followers to keep giving.

So just exactly ‘how’ do you, as a business, keep on top of it all?

There are many applications and tools that you can use to help you make the most out of your time on Twitter, and online for that matter!

My very favourite is Hootsuite! Oh my goodness I live on there! Have you ever been on Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is ‘the leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks’. It says so on the box! From Hootsuite you can schedule your tweets to go out for you throughout the day, so you could actually take off and go shopping for the afternoon or play a round of golf and know that your tweets are still being sent out for you! (pretty cool, eh?!)

On Hootsuite you can check your Direct Message Inbox and answer all of your private messages from there. This means that you don’t have to have those bothersome emails coming into your actual email inbox every day filling up your allowance.

Also on Hootsuite you can keep track of your tweets and see who is retweeting them or mentioning you on Twitter. This helps you keep on top of every tweet going out about you. Great for customer feedback. You don’t want to miss that one tweet that could be construed as negative! No way! You want to clarify any misunderstandings or deal with any complaints immediately because social media is viral and viral means that it only takes one comment and pretty soon everyone knows what happened! People tend to retweet the negative stuff much quicker than the positive stuff!

Twitter lists are fabulous for cutting out the noise on twitter and Hootsuite shaves it down another notch too by making it easy for you to locate your lists! Add your Twitter lists to your Hootsuite streams and you can keep track of all of your favourite people on Twitter to see what they are tweeting. It is a great way to watch what’s being said around any hashtags that you use often too!

Twitter as a stand alone tool for business is unique in that it draws much more immediate interaction from your followers and in some cases even those who are not following you. The reach you can have with one tweet alone is enormous. However, it is a large platform that requires dedication and time. You must invest in Twitter in order to gain any business from it. Don’t neglect it, keep working at it.

Remember! Visit today and sign up for an account. There is a paid version but to start with the free version will do you just fine. Start having fun on Hootsuite, I know you’ll love it! – Tara

If you have a business page on Facebook, you will probably have noticed that there is more interaction on particular days of the week and at certain times?


On WFM Facebook page for example, we find one of our busiest days is Thursday, with most interaction happening between 8 – 9.30 pm.  You can easily find out what times and days are most active on your page by using tools such as Edgerank Checker or by keeping track yourself using the new ‘Xamount have seen this post’ tool, as shown below.  If you hover over this blue text you can view the ‘organic reach’, that is how many people who already like your page have seen the post and the ‘viral’ reach, that is how many people (current non likers) who see your post as a result of it being on one of their friends news feeds:

FB People Have Seen This Post











 In order to maximise your page interaction, it is a good idea to take full advantage of scheduling your posts.  

Here are the main advantages to scheduling posts on Facebook:


  • You can ensure your posts are more likely to be seen by your page likers, therefore increasing not only your organic reach but your viral reach too
  • As a result of the above you are more likely to gain more page likers
  • You can manage your time more effectively
  • You can spread your posts throughout the day/week rather than posting numerous times in a short space of time (this can also be annoying for your page likers)
  • Your page is working for you even when you are not there (on holiday or in the evenings)
  • You can even backdate posts which might be useful for newer pages wanting to fill up their page
  • If you are already using the ‘Promote this post’ feature, scheduling posts could save you money! 

How to schedule posts on Facebook:


  • Go to your business page and start typing your post as normal, you can include links and images as you would do usually
  • Before clicking ‘Post’ click the little timer icon bottom left

Facebook Scheduling Posts

  • Enter the year, the month, the day and the time you would like your post to display
  • Then click ‘Post’
  • You will get a notification message to confirm you have scheduled a post
  • You can view all your scheduled posts by clicking ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘Use Activity Log’ 

By using this fantastic feature you can grow your page likers, increase interaction and make your page look really active without having to put in much more time.

Do you use post scheduling on Facebook? Please share your comments below…

Guest post by Jade Pluck, Virtually Anywhere


I have loved using LinkedIn for my business and it has been a great source of information, getting clients and getting to know people all within a business environment. So if you have just starting using LinkedIn or want to set up your account today, it is free, then look at my 6 tips below to make the most of your profile.

  1. Use a professional head shot for your photo
  2. Professional headline – what do you do in 100 characters, this is your elevator pitch make it interesting, try not to put Company Owner
  3. Websites – when you click on “Edit” right next to the website section on your profile page, you will get the below screen, choose “Other” then you are able to write in the description box what the link is for. This just gives people a bit more information and you and your company.
  4. Public Profile – when you first join LinkedIn you will be given a URL which is full of numbers and letters, you can change this to make it more memorable and reader friendly if you want to put it on your email signature or business card.
  5. Get recommendations from clients and colleagues, all people will be able to view these showing that you are a trusted person to work with.
  6. Display your profile with the most relevant / best information at the top. If you’re proud of your recommendations put them up the top. Just hoover over the title and move it either up or down.

What are your LinkedIn tips?

If you are stuck with LinkedIn and would like help getting started then please see my LinkedIn training package here.

Thank you for reading

Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere

Recently Facebook have introduced a new feature where you can pay to promote posts on your business page.  When you post on your timeline, you cannot guarantee that many of your page likers will see your post, so by using paid promotion you can increase the reach of your post.  Your post will be seen as ‘sponsored’ in the timeline of your page likers.  This is particularly useful if you are offering a discount or promotion and need to ensure it reaches as many of your likers as possible.  The promoted posts feature is limited to pages with more than 400 likers at the moment – this is where you can select to promote your post:

Promoted Post Facebook

You can set a budget for your spend and view the reach and percentage of your likers that have viewed the post.  Find out more about using promoted posts in the Facebook help centre:

Will you be using promoted posts on your fanpage? Would love to hear your views and experiences…


If you have got a business page on Facebook, you can create a ‘Like us on Facebook’ sign for your page by visiting  You need need to ensure your page has a username (vanity URL) and ideally your username should be 10 characters or less, so it fits nicely on the sign.  Then laminate it and use it at events to promote your page!

If you haven’t yet got your vanity URL read WFM guide on how to get one!

You have probably seen people on Facebook talking about vanity URL’s, but what does it mean? Firstly, a URL stands for Uniform or Universal Resource Locator which basically means a website address

Continue reading »

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