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Interviews can be daunting; the key to a great job interview is preparation! Check out our tips and sail through your next interview with confidence and ease.

Untitled design (63)There’s a time and place for everything. And it’s important to understand when the time is appropriate for those things you set out to do in life. The same can be said for knowing when to self-promote.

Self-promotion really means “selling” your strengths and abilities to whomever you want to listen. Certainly, there are times when painting a perfect picture of yourself gets you the desired outcome. But there are other times when it’s just unsuitable and unattractive.

Review a few instances when self-promotion is a good idea:

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Untitled designJob interviews often stir up conflicting emotions. You’re excited about the opportunity to advance your career, but anxious about the impression that you’ll make. A few simple steps can help you to feel more at ease.

Calming Your Mind

It’s natural to feel anxious, but advantageous to keep it from showing. Looking relaxed helps you to appear confident and competent.

  1. Take a deep breath. Your breath affects your state of mind. Try quieting your thoughts with three part breathing. Inhale deeply filling your lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and chest. Spend an equal amount of time exhaling.

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Untitled design (54)The decision to return to work after time off with the kids isn’t easy, and depending on how long you’ve been out of the jobs market, it can seem daunting, coping with all the changes.

The main thing you need to remember is that if you’re the right woman for the job, taking time out of the workplace while you bring your children up need not be a barrier to you getting it.

Never apologise for being a stay at home mum. Be confident about your decisions and if you feel the need to explain it, just say that is was the best decision for your family at the time, but now you are ready to return to the world of work. No other explanation is needed.

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Untitled design (55)Phone interviews can be hard work as the interviewer can’t pick up on all the visual signals they would during a face to face meeting. It can feel harder to connect over the phone – even Skype interviews can feel a little awkward with time lags, Internet drop outs and difficult camera angles to contend with. Telephone interviews needn’t be off-putting though, if you follow a few simple rules.

Be prepared

Just as if you were going to a face to face interview, research the company and the job description and make notes about how you meet the criteria. Write down any questions or important points you want to make; the advantage of a phone interview is that you can crib from your notes without being watched!

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Untitled design (56)Interviews are always pretty nerve-wracking – but you can maximise your chances of getting the job, or at least through to the next interview, if you memorise this list of things definitely NOT to do.

1. “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Show us an interviewee that doesn’t hate this one!  Although the accepted wisdom has always been to turn it into a strength, saying you’re too much of a perfectionist or you tend to take on more work that you should, that can make you seem a bit smug. Instead, choose a real weakness, and say how you’re making it less of a problem. If you’re slightly technophobic, for example, say you’re taking an IT course.

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Untitled design (57)Panel interviews have often been the preserve of senior positions where the candidate is expected to handle the additional pressure of sitting across from up to six interviewers firing questions at them.  However with companies waking up to the cost of making incorrect recruitment decisions the use of this technique is becoming increasingly common.

The dynamic created by the panel interview enables the employer to assess how an individual performs under pressure, tests the softer skills together with certain aspects of team work.

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Untitled design (46)A new website has been unveiled to help people looking for employment with their job search.

Rather than having pages crammed full of information, enables users to select a topic such as interviewing, then gives useful tips and sub-tasks/check lists to complete. The simple interface helps to break down each topic area, so you only get relevant results.

Here at WFM we love this fresh simple approach to job search and hope you find this a useful resource.   You can visit the 50 ways to get a job website here:

Untitled design (58)There are 10 main strategies used by top candidates. These are guaranteed to make you more confident and thus more successful at interview:

1) Tailor your CV
Very few job seekers make their CV totally relevant for the job they are applying for. Brevity, relevance and clarity should be your top goals.

2) Research the organisation

The key here is to do research that the company would not expect you to do and that your competition will definitely not even think about.

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Untitled design (59)A Skype interview is commonly used when geography, and the associated expense that comes with geographical separation comes in, gets in the way. Large multinationals often have Head Offices far away.   A Skype interview lets the body language to the fore and is based on our human sensory perceptions (‘could they fit in ?’).

It is quite often used by recruiters to delve a bit further into a candidate’s history and can be used as a means of drawing up a shortlist of candidates for the full interview process. For you, the key is making sure you understand what you want of it. Ask the person arranging the details, is this for a short list ? Is this a final meeting with the CEO ? Is this for the team to get to know me ?

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Untitled design (60)A job interview is the first chance you get to make an impression on your future employer.

Therefore, it is important to make every effort to present yourself in the best light. This includes arriving on time, having a great CV in hand, answering questions honestly and thoughtfully, but most importantly looking your best. Different jobs require different images, but most business jobs require you to look presentable and professional for your job interview.

Both women and men should approach their interview attire for their job interviews with simplicity and professionalism. Jobs should be sought after with diligence and attire that makes you appealing to your future employer.

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