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Feeling a bit stuck in your search for a new career? Read our job searching guides for inspiration on ways you can look for work in a proactive and organised way.

Thinking of moving to another part of the country to improve your job prospects? Relocating is a big step and could result in having to leave behind friends and family or even increase your cost of living.

Most people move from rural location to cities where there are the most jobs, but there may be niche occupations that involve doing the opposite. Whatever the case, here are some factors to consider before you relocate.

Weigh up the costs

Many people relocate for a better paid job. Whilst this may allow you to afford a better lifestyle, you should consider the difference in cost of living. Moving to London could result in higher living costs such as rent and general commodities, so you could be spending more as well as earning more. In some cases, the opposite may be true – there may be a job that you want to take for the prestige, which involves taking a wage cut.

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4 ways to employmentSo, you’re looking for a new job? Did you know that 77% of employers use social media to recruit?

Yep, a study by the Society for Human Resource Management has the figure at over three quarters, but some people predict it to be higher. After reading this, it might seem as if finding a modern job requires new tactics. However, it is possible to find employment without the help of LinkedIn et al. Here’s what you need to know if you have a social media deficiency.

Sign Up To An Agency
Pure Staff who can help. In simple terms, an agency introduces you to new opportunities, while securing an interview. They also tweak CVs and provide interview coaching to ensure you present the best possible version of yourself. With access to their resources, the majority of job hunters secure a new role within less than a month.

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Untitled design (9)A recent study found that workers who’ve been laid off are less willing to trust others, and those doubts can linger for ten years or more even after starting a new job. It’s sobering news considering the recent recession that made redundancy a household word.

If you lost your job or just value a workplace with a culture of trust, there are ways to build that sense of community. Consider these suggestions for steps you can take yourself and qualities you can look for in your next employer.

Steps to Take for Building Trust in the Workplace

  1. Set conditions. Memories of a security guard escorting you out of the building are bound to make you a little skeptical about management. Keep in mind that healthy trust is different from a blank check. Open up while maintaining sensible limits, like saying no to forced overtime or destructive gossip.

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Untitled design (29)Does the idea of sitting home alone sending out thousands of generic cover letters and resumes sound like your idea of a good time? Fortunately, many of the job search methods that succeed today are quicker and a lot less tedious. Focusing on the activities you enjoy and using the latest technology can help you land your next position with less effort.

Discover effective, enjoyable job hunting methods with these strategies:

  1. Network vigorously. While many changes have occurred in the workforce, networking remains essential. Your personal contacts usually provide your most promising leads. Reach out to your old college classmates and former coworkers. Attend meetings of the local chapter of your professional association.

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Untitled designJumping into the pool of job hunters can be intimidating! This is especially true if you haven’t looked for a job in a while. You may feel like there are people out there with experience and qualifications that trump yours.

Getting yourself noticed in the midst of everyone else searching for a job is tough. It sometimes makes you feel like you’ll be hunting forever, right? The reality is that there are a few things you can do to get the attention of potential employers.

Implement these three easy steps and watch your luck change:

  1. Join professional networks. Joining professional networks takes you a few steps closer to your ideal job. These networks are havens for employers looking for the brightest talent. Sure, everybody joins them, but here’s what you can do differently:

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social-network-76532_960_720Looking for a job on social media is something all job hunters need to seriously think about adding to their game plan, but it can be hard to make your profile stand out above the rest. How can you get the people you want to see you to take notice?

Create Relevant Profiles

You’re selling yourself on social media so make your LinkedIn profile, for example, the perfect sounding profile for someone who wants to work in the sector you want to get into.

Don’t ignore Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ either, they are all allies in your search for the dream job. Spruce up your public profiles; keep your updates relevant and up to date with interesting information that shows you’re bang up to date with the sector you want to get into.

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Untitled design (65)Being an at home mum is often seen as just an unwelcome gap in your work history, but with a little ingenuity you can use all the skills you’ve developed as a stay at home mum and apply them to the workplace.

1. Multitasking – not a problem

Bring able to multi-task is an asset in the office but it’s a necessity when you’re at home with the kids, trying to sort out the washing while one of them is attempting to insert the remains of a sandwich into his sister’s ear, or someone is pulling on your jumper telling you they are desperate for a wee. You need to be able to do one thing while worrying about another – and with more than one child, that’s a job in itself.

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Untitled design (66)It’s been the accepted way to apply for jobs for many years – see a job, apply and send a CV, then wait. With so many people applying for most advertised jobs, though. Candidates are looking at creative ways to make their applications stand out…

1. Designer CVs

This is a favourite for creative job seekers who want to showcase their abilities. Instead of a plain white paper CV, why not design your CV and prove how creative you actually are? You could create a CV that reads like an advertising campaign, or do what one very talented creative called Eric Gandhi did and design a CV that looks like the results page for a Google search. A Google employee saw it on LinkedIn and the job was Eric’s.

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Untitled design (56)Interviews are always pretty nerve-wracking – but you can maximise your chances of getting the job, or at least through to the next interview, if you memorise this list of things definitely NOT to do.

1. “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Show us an interviewee that doesn’t hate this one!  Although the accepted wisdom has always been to turn it into a strength, saying you’re too much of a perfectionist or you tend to take on more work that you should, that can make you seem a bit smug. Instead, choose a real weakness, and say how you’re making it less of a problem. If you’re slightly technophobic, for example, say you’re taking an IT course.

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Untitled design (67)If you thought that all there was to finding a new job was browsing recruitment websites and getting the jobs paper once a week, you’ll probably find that someone else is beating you to all the best and most flexible jobs. So if you’d prefer to be a proactive job seeker than a reactive one – and end up with a fantastic new career – here’s how to go about it.

Most people are reactive job seekers, waiting for the perfect job to come up. It works for some – obviously vacancies are advertised and filled all the time. It’s just not ideal if you’re trying to find work in a certain sector or company that’s not well known for using jobs pages to recruit.

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