Doing the Chores when you Work from Home

Untitled designAs a ‘work from home’ mum it’s inevitable that housework and chores need to be done (unless you are lucky enough to have a cleaner).  I share chores with my husband, but nonetheless when you are working from home it’s hard not to feel like you ought to be catching up with the washing or mopping the kitchen floor. Time management is key; if you can spend 30 minutes first thing catching up with a few chores, psychologically you will feel more able to focus when you sit at your desk.  Otherwise each time you walk past that pile of washing/pile of toys/stack of dirty dishes you will feel like you should be doing that instead of working.  Here are some of my tips!

Work from home Housework Tips

  • Employ a cleaner.  You might consider this an extravagant expense, but if you can hire a cleaner for 1-2 hours a week, I promise they will be able to whip round faster than Mary Poppins and you get some dedicated work time – well worth the money.
  • DON’T iron.  This is quite controversial but you can get away with not ironing.  I used to iron everything (including my children’s vests when they were babies) but thanks to a friend of mine who counselled me to relinquish my ironing pile, I now rarely iron (thank you Maria, I owe you).  If you hang your washing carefully on the airer by smoothing out any creases – do up shirt buttons and let the sleeves drop, then folding carefully once it’s dry, you will find once it is taken from the pile it actually looks pretty good and can go straight on the hanger.
  • Have a weekly/daily routine and try and stick to it.  I find it’s quite good to get the ‘chores’ out the way first thing so I know I can focus on work after.
  • Get prepared in the evenings – make packed lunches, get school uniforms ready, make sure the dishes are done.
  • Invest in a dishwasher.  Washing up takes AGES.
  • Share chores.  Encourage children to keep their rooms tidy and put their washing in the basket.
  • Exercise! Put the music on and pretend to be Lady Gaga while doing housework – imagine all those calories you can burn too! Exercise and housework kills two birds with one stone.
  • Utilise Storage Solutions. Get some large toy boxes to throw all the scattered toys in it at the end of the day.  My children both have a box at the bottom of the stairs which we put all their knick-knacks into (they seem to accrue in the lounge throughout the week).  They are then responsible to take them back to their rooms and put them away.
  • Buy good cleaning products.  I like that foamy bathroom spray which you simply spray  on, leave for 5 minutes, then rinse, and hey presto, clean bath! (unless it hasn’t been done for a while, in which case the ‘tide marks’ might need a squirt of bleach).
  • Out of sight, out of mind.  What is the point of cleaning the inside of cupboards and ovens?
  • Priorities…It’s ok to leave the chores when your children need you – they won’t remember a messy home but will remember if you never have time for them

I hope some of these tips help you to get organised with the household chores and if you have any tips let us know!

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