Customer Service Course Review – High Speed Training

Customer Service Course provided by High Speed Training, review by Lucy Beckford, NYR Organic

I was eager to review the Customer Service module of the High Speed Training company as I’m aware that good customer service makes or breaks a business, regardless of the product involved.  High Speed Training describe the course as benefiting anyone wishing to learn and develop customer service skills to assist in the workplace. The course is ideal for those who deal directly with customers, and also those who manage customer service in the business.

I thought the focus was a little towards a customer service organisation within a company.  However, there is much to learn for self-employed/sole business owners and it was definitely worth the 1.5-2 hours time, as stated.  I found the website easy to navigate and the course was broken up into 6 easy to digest modules, which could be viewed independently as your own time allowed.

The first module was an introduction to customer service which explained: what is customer service, who it involves, the importance of customer service, that good self-awareness is key to success and why you should answer every phone call as if it’s a first time caller.  At the end of each module, you’re asked some test questions to check understanding.  This was a useful step and would have been more straightforward – if there had been some instructions on how to answer them!  But I soon worked it out and successfully passed the first module!

The second module concerned Body Language and Active Listening.  There were some very interesting slides on different gestures and how to handle someone exhibiting them, such as thoughtful or honesty gestures.  Then, the importance of eye contact and how to use it to build trust and respect between you and a customer was examined, along with the value of giving undivided attention and the steps to Active Listening.

The third module focused on dealing with customers, especially the difference and use of open, closed and alternative choice questions.  Following the questioning types, we moved onto the characteristics of different customer types and how to handle them.  So whether I come across a Dragon, a Mouse, a Rabbit or a Warthog, I now have some tools and advice which will guide me to the best outcome when I interact with these customers.  Finally in this section, the course reviewed a list of phrases to avoid with customers and another list of phrases to use as much as possible if you want a productive outcome from your customer interaction.

In the fourth section, a 5 step process was discussed for handling queries and complaints which will give a customer confidence that you have heard and understood them, and are now willing to help them.  We’re given advice on how to receive the information from the customer, how to deal with their problem and to focus on the problem to resolve any behavioural issue.  There’s also a 9 point process for handling upset customers so, by the end, they know that something’s going to be done for them.

The last teaching module is about how customer service is evaluated, as there can be a gap between what’s promised and what’s actually delivered.  Customer service can be as important as the product itself, so it’s vital to know whether you’re meeting your customers’ expectations.

Finally, I had to complete a 15 question survey in order to pass the course.  The questions were fairly obvious and straightforward, but were good at consolidating the knowledge gained through the 5 previous sections.

Overall, I found the Customer Service course full of useful hints and tips on how to interact better with both my customers and team members – who are also a type of customer.  I’m more aware of the importance of dealing with customer issues quickly and efficiently and not to take any of their negative reactions personally.  I can recommend this course to anyone who relies on people interaction for the success of their business.

The Customer Service eCourse is available from High Speed Training for £25 + VAT:

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