Dealing with Rejection in Direct Sales

When you run a direct selling business, it is inevitable that you will come across lots of people saying ‘No’ to you.  Here are some tips to help you cope with rejection and put a positive spin on those No’s!

  • Don’t take it personally – it’s not YOU the person is rejecting.  There can be a number of reasons why they have said No – lack of information, fear of the unknown, pressure to give an answer.
  • Move on, move up – leading on from the above point, don’t let it damper your enthusiasm.  Draw a line under it and move on.
  • No doesn’t mean No forever – maybe it’s just No, not now.  Use your intuition on this one.  It might not be a complete write off.
  • Collect the No’s – this is a popular tip amongst direct sellers.  Instead of focussing on getting a Yes (Yes I will have a party, Yes I will buy your product, Yes I will join your team) focus on getting those No’s.  Make it your aim to collect as many as possible.  This takes the pressure off and when you do collect a Yes it might just take you by surprise!
  • For each No you get closer to a Yes – leading on from the above point, for each No you collect, you are moving closer to getting a Yes!
  • Don’t be pushy – If someone has said No to you, use your judgement as to whether this is a firm No or just a No not now.  Be charming and courteous, maybe a little persuasive (a little bit of cheeky persuasion can lighten the situation) but know when it’s time to move on.  It is an unattractive feature (not to mention unprofessional) to try and coerce someone to change their mind.  Never put anyone under pressure.
  • Smile and keep smiling – but not through gritted teeth! People will remember you if you accept the No, smile and move on graciously.  Who knows they may even say Yes one day.
  • Learn from the conversation – Think about what was said..what led up to them saying No.  Is there anything you could say differently next time? How was your body language?  If you feel confident enough that you know the person well, maybe you could ask them if there was anything that put them off saying Yes.

Remember No is just a word from the dictionary! Don’t let it ruin your day, keep smiling and learn to embrace those No’s as they will help you to develop and grow your business over the years.

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