Doh Nutters Review

For 2-4 players aged 4+

Doh Nutters is really quick and easy to set up and the rules are simple; use your elephant mask to pick up the doughnuts and whoever gets all of their doughnuts on their trunk is the winner.  There are 4 different coloured masks and corresponding plastic rings (doughnuts).

I supervised my 2 children (George aged 7 and Scarlett aged 4) and my nephews aged 9 and 7, playing the game.  Initially they were all quite eager to play however it became apparent very quickly that it was very difficult to pick the doughnuts up.  The idea behind the game is good but the trunks have been designed to make it very difficult (even for an adult) to pick the doughnuts up.  There was definitely a fair amount of cheating going on whilst playing this game!

There were shrieks of laughter whist playing and they all found it hilarious that they had to wear the elephant masks.  We did find however that the masks are fairly heavy and as the strap isn’t adjustable it kept falling off my 4 year old daughter.  Quite surprising when the game is advertised for children 4+.

The playing board is also too small and the children kept bumping heads and trunks (!!!!) and then pushing each other out of the way, before pushing the doughnuts off the board and all over the table instead!

The children enjoyed playing, even though they got frustrated because they couldn’t collect the doughnuts very easily.  It was good fun but I’m not sure it will be played that often.  I do think the masks will be worn when not playing the game though due to the comedy value! The children loved prancing around making elephant noises whilst trying to get as many doughnuts on the trunks as possible!

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