Building your business Twitter profile

It can be hard to know where to start when you first join Twitter in terms of who to follow. Twitter has some useful tools to get your started such as ‘Who to Follow’; you can use this tool to browse interests although this is not exhaustive and you may not find exactly what you are looking for.

How to find people to follow
I  suggest using the ‘search’ feature on Twitter. Type in your town or county and search by the three available fields (Tweets with Links, Tweets near you, People); use this to find other local businesses, or people living in your area.   You can also use the search box to find more specific people/buisnesses to follow.  Once you have found someone you want to follow, look at their followers as there are likely to be others that may also be of interest to you.  Once you have built up a reasonable amount of people you follow, Twitter will suggest others you can follow based on your current lists.

Getting more people to follow you

  • Write a Bio – when people are scrolling through followers lists make yours stand out.  Having just your username won’t entice people to follow
  • Update frequently, but take it easy! no-one wants to read thirty plus tweets a day from the same person
  • Don’t spam.  Only posting your Website address, Facebook page or posts about stuff you sell isn’t appealing so vary your posts
  • Interact. Use the @username in your posts to talk to other tweeters.  Respond to questions from people you follow
  • Have fun but know your limitations. It’s important to be able to tweet freely but bear in mind if you do have a business profile people may get offended by too many personal opinions and bad language is a definate no no.  Consider setting up a new Twitter profile if you want more freedom 🙂

Did you find any of these tips useful? Do you have any comments or tips of your own? Please get in touch!

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