Finding the best broadband provider for SMEs

Broadband SMEBusinesses today need the Internet just as much as they need staff. It provides them with connections to customers, clients and suppliers – the centrepiece of any business.  

Small to medium sized companies (SMEs) need to choose wisely, ensuring they are offered everything they need and more from a broadband supplier, so they not only have what they need now but as the business grows, their broadband limit does not hold them back.

What do you need?

That really is the first question you should ask yourself – what do you need from your broadband supplier? The obvious answer is a fast Internet connection, but you should also consider the bandwidth because if your systems cannot cope with large quantities of data flying around then the speed will mean nothing. Approaching a business broadband provider is also the best place to start as they are specialists in the kind of systems you need which in turn will make it cheaper for your business, and tailored to your specific needs.

Other Services

Your choice of provider should also be one that can offer many other services to you as a business so as the company grows, they can cope with expansion and not slow you down as a business. Customers these days look for service providers that are up to date with the latest innovations, so having services that support this is essential.

Managed Networks

Managed networks are something that you may want to consider if you’ve more than one business location to deal with. Whether you’re a small or medium sized company, being able to network all your sites is key; it means data transfer from each other is faster, including voice and video over the internet (VoIP) which are becoming more popular.


VoIP as a supported service is another one to add to the list. So many companies are using this for conferencing calling between staff and clients that it is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of the broadband industry.

Telephone Services

Telephone services are essential too – even in these digital times, so this should be included with anyone you choose. If your business calls clients overseas often, make sure you’re taking advantage of the best rates on international calls.

Data Services

This could be anything from secure servers to cloud options (one of the preferred options for SMEs due to it’s scalability). Make sure the provider covers all options as you may not need it now but may in the future.

In short, finding a supplier that can offer you a scalable solution for your data, telephone and network needs is essential for SME success. Viatel are industry experts with a high level of customer service. Contact them today on 01784 494100 to discuss requirements.

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