Five Reasons Why Mums Rock in the Workplace

Untitled design (65)Being an at home mum is often seen as just an unwelcome gap in your work history, but with a little ingenuity you can use all the skills you’ve developed as a stay at home mum and apply them to the workplace.

1. Multitasking – not a problem

Bring able to multi-task is an asset in the office but it’s a necessity when you’re at home with the kids, trying to sort out the washing while one of them is attempting to insert the remains of a sandwich into his sister’s ear, or someone is pulling on your jumper telling you they are desperate for a wee. You need to be able to do one thing while worrying about another – and with more than one child, that’s a job in itself.

2. Time management

When your time doesn’t feel like your own, you’re always looking for little blocks of time you can fill with vital things like sorting out your bank account, or nice things like actually having a bath without interruptions. These skills can easily be transferred to the workplace where you’re asked to find time to do last minute urgent jobs in the middle of a busy day.

3. Tolerance

You know how there’s always someone in an office that’s really annoying? That’s northing when you’ve been used to tolerating repeat episodes of ‘In the night garden’ for 12 hours, or had to clean up toddler bodily fluids from unexpected places. Holding your tongue when a colleague dumps a last minute report on you will never be as difficult as not losing your temper when your three year old flushes your iPhone down the toilet.

4. Negotiating skills

If you’ve ever tried to talk a toddler out of a supermarket tantrum or get a child to go to bed when they really don’t want to be told, you’ll know all about negotiation. It’s probably not the done thing to bribe your boss with chocolate buttons, perhaps, but the idea is the same…

5. 24 Hour work ethic

When you’re a parent, you have to learn to put others first, and your own needs last – pretty much like you do while you’re at work and an employer expects you to drop everything and work late to meet a deadline. Mums are used to worrying about everyone else first and just getting on with it, so they have a distinct advantage over singletons who resent the intrusion on their private lives…mums don’t have them!

Being a full time mum is a full time job too, so use all the skills you’ve learned while you’ve been ‘working from home’ to your advantage when you’re back in the work place and you won’t go too far wrong.

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