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From Your Day Job To Being The Boss: Is It Worth It?

There are people from many walks of life that choose to open a new business. Mum’s on maternity leave who don’t want to go back to the regular day job that they once had…

Young workers who want to stop taking orders from other people and work for themselves. Veterans who are leaving military life and don’t want to take orders any longer could choose to open their own business. it doesn’t matter what your background is, opening a business could be your next step in life – if you take heed of all the advice out there and do it right!

Every single person who wants to leave their regular job and move into being their own boss always asks themselves whether it’s worth it. The mum who spends yet another morning tugging her own heartstrings and leaving the baby with someone else would say yes. The young worker who has a great idea for a product that they want to share with the world would say yes. The veteran who seeks a veteran small business loan and crashes against a wall every time, would say yes. There is always some worth in taking control of your own life and wanting to run a business of your very own. Choosing the right time to take that leap is often the hardest thing to do, because if your job is a well-paid one with great benefits, it can feel a lot like shooting yourself in the foot to move into working for yourself with little to no security.

You need to write down the pros and cons of whether moving out of your job and into work for yourself is a good idea right now. Then ask yourself whether it would be a good idea in five years. No one who leaves a job and goes into business for themselves knows what they’re doing – every entrepreneur is winging it no matter how ‘put together’ they look. You have to get into the shoes of a confident person – even if you’re not feeling confident at all. Fake it ‘til you make it, indeed. Being in business is difficult for anyone; it doesn’t matter whether you are young, old or a parent, you’re going to find that being in business for yourself is going to take a lot of hard work before you truly get off the ground and start building a profit. There is a huge value in a good support network before you get started, as you will need people to rely on and lean on while you are getting your business together.

The biggest point that you have to remember when starting your own business is that you have to forgive yourself. You’re going to fail more times than you can count, and you have to be okay with that. Every successful business owner out there has weighed whether it’s worth leaving a secure job, but all you need to know is whether you trust yourself to do well. Ask again and go from there.

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