Fruit Shoot Smencils

Suzannah here at WFM is delighted to have been selected to review a fantastic new product called Fruit Shoot Smencils.

What are Smencils? 

Smencils are the world’s only scented pencils to be made from 100% recycled newspaper.  Here is some information from their promotional leaflet:

“Draw” attention with environmentally friendly Smencils and Smens: scented pencils and pens made from 100% recycled newspaper! Ages 3+

  • They sell for pocket money prices
  • 25 delicious scents to collect in colouring or graphite pencil varieties, and as black ballpoint pens
  • Each Smencil or Smen stores in its very own biodegradable tube, guaranteeing freshness for two years
  • They support the importance of recycling
  • Scents include orange, black cherry, red liquorice and many more!

Suzannah’s review…
This review was aided by my two children Josef and Seren!

I was sent a set of 5 gourmet scented Robinsons Fruit Shoot Smencils Starter Set RRP: £5.99.  Each pencil comes in a plastic tube to keep the scent fresh – the tube has a blue bung on the end which you just pull off to get the pencil out.  As these particular set of Smencils are scented with Fruit Shoot smells, they have a branded coloured fruit shoot label which also shows the scent of the pencil.  They have an eraser on the end too.

The scents in our pack were as follows: Tropical, Orange, Apple, Summer Fruits and Blackcurrant & Apple.

Josef and Smencil

It was great fun sniffing all the Smencils to see which smell we liked the best!  Josef liked the Blackcurrant and Apple, but wasn’t so keen on the Tropical, and Seren liked the Summer Fruits but wasn’t so keen on Orange.  Mummy liked the apple best.  I asked Seren what she thought about the fact the Smencils had a scent and she said “it’s ok because you can’t eat it” – phew! Might be quite tempting for some inquisitive little ones to have a lick though!

Josef and Seren did some drawing whilst I talked to them about the fact Smencils support recycling.  Seren said “So they are made from old newspapers?” and Josef said “So cool!”.
The quality of the Smencils is good – much like a ‘normal’ pencil although the big difference is when you sharpen it.  Instead of little annoying flakes going everywhere, they sharpen beautifully in a neat roll.  Even the waste from the sharpening I could imagine could be used for other craft based activities such as collages – double recycling!   The children were fascinated that they could pull apart the shavings.

Josef looked through the brochure showing the wide range of other Smencils and Smens available – he rather liked the look of the Holiday Smencils featuring a snowman shaped bung.  Seren liked the look of the Smalentines Smencils which had a cute little pink heart character bung.


  • The tubes/bungs could easily get mislaid so parents/carers would need to ensure the Smencils are put back in their tubes to keep the scent fresh – my two seemed to lose one of the tubes within minutes!
  • Some people might object to the commercial element of the Robinsons Fruit Shoot Smencils, but there are lots of different Smencils available with only the Smencils branding if this is an issue.
  • The cost – RRP of the standard Smencil starter set containing 5 graphite pencils is £4.99 so they are more expensive than standard pencils


  • Encourages children to think about recycling
  • Novelty product which would make a great incentive at schools/home
  • Less mess when sharpening AND the waste material could even be re-used for other craft activities

All in all, Smencils are a fantastic innovative new product – my son was so impressed he took the Smencils to school to show his friends.

To find out more, visit Learning Resources website.


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  1. Suzannah Butcher 7:33 pmSeptember 12, 2012

    Hi Zoe – I received them free for review, so not sure how much they would charge. If you click the links in the review it will take you to the official website, Kind regards, Suzannah

  2. Zoe At Temple Spa 7:51 pmSeptember 12, 2012

    oh ok thanks

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