Why Health Is A Perfect Career Choice

Health CareerBeing in the healthcare sector is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. There’s so much to learn, so many people’s lives to save, and so many highs and lows.

You’ll constantly be faced with challenges, and your emotions will be tested daily. But to see the happiness on people’s faces when you’re nursing them back to health, or improving their way of life is worth all the hardship. This post is going to explore a few of the reasons why a position in the health sector is perfect.

The Challenge

Whether you’re a nurse or health care assistant, the challenge is always going to be huge. You’ll be under a lot of pressure due to the strains on the health sector at the minute, but the challenge is what should drive you through the day. You’ll be faced with new issues regularly, and you’ll be pulled from pillar to post trying to spread your time between patients and your task. But that’s what makes the day go so quickly. You’ll be challenged emotionally constantly, but it’ll make you grow so much stronger as a person. The unfortunate side to being in health care you will have to encounter deaths and bereavements from families. Nothing you ever do in life will be more mentally challenging especially if you work with children and have children yourself, but nothing will make you more empathetic than experiencing this.

The Education

The knowledge you’ll have as either a health care assistant or nurse will be huge. For a health care assistant, you’ll have completed QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care or similar qualifications. If you’re heading down the route of nursing, you’ll have spent three years at university studying and shadowing nurses. Both are gruelling experiences, but by the end of it you’ll be experts in your field. Having such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treating injuries or illnesses can be applied to the outside world. If you have children who are prone to scrapes and bruises, knowing how to properly treat them, and whether they should go to hospital is a skill you’ll never regret having.

The Progression & Security

If there’s one thing that the UK is crying out for, it’s nurses and carers. They’re that short of staff that people from other countries are being flown in to try and boost the numbers. So if you enter the healthcare sector, don’t ever be worried about being chucked out, or even short of shifts. There’s also so much room for progression. In caring, you can go on to become a senior carer. In nursing, you can become a sister, or even a research nurse. If you make it this far, your pay bracket will be nice and healthy, and you can be involved in the development of new drugs that could save people’s lives. You’ll be that in demand, you’ll probably find yourself working more hours than you need to, but if you love your job this shouldn’t be too much of an issue and the extra pay will be good!

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