How Does Video Conferencing Fit Into My Business?

Untitled designNo matter what business you’re in, productivity and efficiency are the key factors to success.

Video conferencing has evolved to be a powerful tool for every industry, useful in any department or organisation where meetings take place, for example, human resources, manufacturing, training, marketing, sales, finance, as you can see video conferencing has many areas where it is an asset.

Applications of Video Conferencing

There are such a wide variety of applications when it comes to implementing the use of video conferencing in business, however the most common are to connect and interact with others, negating the need for travel, bring in remote bodies for consultation or training purposes, receive information in real time from place or location, making a presentation to vendors, clients or customers, and for interviewing purposes to list only a few.

Video conferencing has been around for quite sometime, used commercially since the early 1980’s, and over time evolving the technology to be readily available from a variety of devices. Today, video conferencing has developed into an essential part of a business’s communication techniques, required to stay on pace with competitors in the industry, because of it’s effectiveness in increasing productivity, supplementing travel, and boosting efficiency overall.

Benefits of Using Video Conferencing in Business

Initially, businesses implemented to use of video conferencing to reduce professional travel costs, making it easier for parties to interact from different geographical locations.

While lowering the cost of travel expenses are undoubtedly beneficial, it is no longer the only benefit.

Numerous benefits of video conferencing can be broken down into three main categories, as previously mentioned.

These categories are increased productivity and efficiency, improved management communications and enhanced business opportunities.

Lets take a closer look at what exactly is encompassed under these three categories, and exactly how it can benefit a business.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency – productivity is the key to a successful business, and video conferencing addresses many areas where efficiency really matters. Video conferencing not only eliminates unproductive travel time, and risk, but also prevents scheduling conflicts and meeting delays.

Implementing the use of video conferencing provides many benefits in the area of meetings, in addition to shorter meeting times, video conferencing offers the tools for more structured meetings, as well as allow for larger numbers of participation, optimises attendance due to the ease of participation, allowing attendees to provide faster response and immediate information exchange, which is conducive to collaboration. Also, using video conferencing to join individuals means quicker decisions will be made, increasing productivity.

Improved Management Communication – management teams and figures also benefit from the use of video conferencing as well. It allows them to interact with others, even management at satellite locations. Management can use video conferencing to sit in on department meetings, and communicate within your department or amongst team members. Video conferencing is also a great way for management to deliver remote or off site training.

Video conferencing offers management the opportunity to hold a variety of meetings, including board meetings, investor relations meetings, as well as professional briefings. Meetings can also be recorded for future reference, or for anyone who missed the initial conference session.

Enhanced Business Opportunities – video conferencing can be used to enhance business opportunities by providing a competitive advantage, and enabling the business to provide the highest quality of customer service to their clients and customers.

When businesses are able to communicate easily, and keep communication costs under control, they are able to pass those savings along to their customers.

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