How To Make Your CV Stand Out

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Just because you have had jobs in the past and you have a work history does not mean that you are going to be appealing to a new employer.  You have to be willing to work hard on your CV to show potential employers what you can do for them.

Finding a job in today’s economy is not the easiest task.  Most jobs will require a person to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV). When you submit any documentation that gives a background on you, you want it to grab the attention of the reader.

1. Use a CV Template

If you do a simple Google search for CV templates, you will see there are many free templates available for you to download and amend.  For more professional roles you may prefer to purchase a template or use a CV writing service, in which case research the company offering the service and look for reviews/recommendations.   It is a good idea to use a template as a guide, but try to make your CV personal to you and change fonts and headings to your preferred choice.  Keep it professional though; no childlike or fancy fonts.

2. Make Your CV Header

The first part of a CV is the header which shows your name and contact information. This is the first place you can start to customise your CV. Your name should be in bold and in a larger font than any other text. The contact information below can be in a different font, but you will want to keep the important contact information in bold too. Ensure you include your name, address, email address, phone number, and any web pages you have.  Many people now also include a profile photograph of themselves which is a brilliant way to make give your CV that personal touch and make it stand out.

3. Have A Clear Objective/Personal Statement

Following your header, you will place an objective or personal statement. Make sure that your objective does not only sell who you are, but tell the company why they should employ you. The more time you take to research the company, the better prepared you will be when tailoring the CV.

4. Bullet Important Points To Grab Attention

Something else to consider is that an employer looking at your CV will not be spending hours reviewing it. An employer will be looking at your CV for approximately 30 or 40 seconds so you don’t have much time to catch their attention! Using bullet points is a great way to highlight the key items that you want the employer to see.

5. Personalise Your CV With Customisation

The more customising you do on your CV to tailor it to the job you are applying for, the more it will stand out. This is because the company will see that you took the time to research what their needs are and what their mission statement is.  Take a look at the job description and think about how you meet the criteria – ensure this is covered in your CV skills and experience.

6. Presentation Is Key!

If you are sending your CV to an employer by post, print it out on high quality A4 paper; you could even choose cream or pastel coloured paper to make it stand out.  Introduce some colour to some of your headings or include a profile image of yourself as suggested above. Send it in an rigid envelope, unfolded along with a covering letter. For electronic applications via email, don’t forget that you will still need to attach a covering letter so the employer can print both your CV and letter – a printed letter looks much more professional than a printed email.  If applying via email, ensure you send from an account with a sensible name, an email from will certainly get you noticed; but not in a good way…

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