How to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out

Guest post by Jade Pluck, Virtually Anywhere


I have loved using LinkedIn for my business and it has been a great source of information, getting clients and getting to know people all within a business environment. So if you have just starting using LinkedIn or want to set up your account today, it is free, then look at my 6 tips below to make the most of your profile.

  1. Use a professional head shot for your photo
  2. Professional headline – what do you do in 100 characters, this is your elevator pitch make it interesting, try not to put Company Owner
  3. Websites – when you click on “Edit” right next to the website section on your profile page, you will get the below screen, choose “Other” then you are able to write in the description box what the link is for. This just gives people a bit more information and you and your company.
  4. Public Profile – when you first join LinkedIn you will be given a URL which is full of numbers and letters, you can change this to make it more memorable and reader friendly if you want to put it on your email signature or business card.
  5. Get recommendations from clients and colleagues, all people will be able to view these showing that you are a trusted person to work with.
  6. Display your profile with the most relevant / best information at the top. If you’re proud of your recommendations put them up the top. Just hoover over the title and move it either up or down.

What are your LinkedIn tips?

If you are stuck with LinkedIn and would like help getting started then please see my LinkedIn training package here.

Thank you for reading

Jade Pluck of Virtually Anywhere

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