How To Write A Perfect Cover Letter

Untitled design (50)A cover letter is one of the first things that an employer sees when you are applying for jobs.

It is important to format the letter properly and to keep it concise. The total length of a cover letter should not be more than three paragraphs that are no more than 10 sentences in length. Most of the information that a potential employer needs or wants is in your CV. Your letter is a precursor to your resume. The purpose of writing a cover letter is to entice the potential employer and make them want to read through your CV.  Ideally your covering letter should be typed and printed onto high quality paper like your CV, however if you have neat handwriting and no access to a computer/printer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t hand write a letter.  In fact this may well help it to stand out from the other candidates.

Key points to include in your cover letter:

? Always address the person of contact directly in the greeting

? Include degrees or awards received from work achievements

? Include your expected salary range

? Use a sentence or two to describe who you are as an employee stating your strengths

? Use a sentence or two to write about your dedication and commitment to your career

? Always write the letter to the specific company, do not use a generic letter to send out to all companies in hopes of gaining employment

? Never state your desperation or need for employment

Expanding on addressing the company and person of contact directly a bit, if you do not know the person who will be selecting candidates for interview, contact the company for that information. It looks more professional to direct a cover letter directly to that person when seeking a job. When you write this letter, it is a first impression. Do not seem over-confident, arrogant or cocky in any way. It is perfectly fine to ‘blow your own trumpet’ a little bit but do not overdo it.

The most important things that you need to include in a cover letter when you are applying for jobs are why you are the best candidate, why you would be an asset to their company, and how your proven record of accomplishment makes you the right person for the job. Remember to keep it brief and do not drag on about dozens of achievements. Mention only a couple and why they are pertinent to the position you are applying for.

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