How To Write A Personal Profile For A CV

Untitled design (52)Employers expect that at the top of your CV, underneath your key information (name, address etc.), you have a personal profile, sometimes called a personal statement or career summary.

You need to ensure you market your skills effectively in order to encourage the employer to interview you/recruit you and ensuring you have a punchy, concise and well worded personal profile is a surefire way you can get yourself noticed.   Here are some tips for writing your personal profile:

1. Your profile is only a summary and shouldn’t be any longer than 200 words.  Aim to write between 100 and 150 words for optimum effect

2. Tailor your statement according to the job you are applying for – read the person specification and job description and tailor your profile to meet them as appropriate

3. Decide whether you are going to write your CV in the first/ third person, i.e.

Third person: Margaret completed her studies at Durham University in 2012 and was awarded a 2.1 honours degree in Biology…etc

First person: Having completed my studies at Durham University in 2012 and obtaining a 2.1 honours degree in biology, I am looking to…etc

The latter is preferable; after all a CV is a document about You, so it is better to keep it more personal.

4. Don’t repeat words such as ‘I’ too frequently.  I am keen to….and I would like to….I am dedicated….

5. Incorporate three core things: Who you are, what you can bring to the role and what you career aims are

6. Keep to the key points, don’t ramble and  limit  unnecessary words.  This link is to an American website, but it gives you some idea as to which words and phrases you can omit:

7. Don’t use a combination of first and third person statements in your profile

8. You can expand more on your skills and experience in your cover letter

9. Humor doesn’t work, so don’t try and be funny (unless the job calls for it!)

10. Practice reading your profile yourself – does it read well? Ask for a supportive friend or family member to give you feedback

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