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Start a Natural Health & Wellness Business with doTERRA

Part Time

I am currently recruiting for new people to join my doTERRA team in the UK.

Do you want a flexible and rewarding business opportunity where you get paid for helping people improve their physical and emotional health and wellbeing with the world’s largest essential oil company, doTERRA?

Helping people to learn how to use our products that are all made with top quality essential oils to improve nutrition, help support pain management, exercise, sleep and rest, mood management, reducing stress and emotional balancing, reducing the toxic load by switching to non-toxic cleaning, hair and skin care products, and also proactively supporting their health issues using the power of essential oils is basically what we do… and you don’t need any experience at all to get started!

  • Earn some extra spending money by introducing a few new clients each month, investing 3-5 hours a week.
  • Supplement your income by introducing approx 4 or more new customers and one new team member each month, investing 10-15 hours a month.
  • Replace and multiply your income by introducing 8 or more new customers and 2 new team members each month, investing 15-20 hours a week.
  • There are no sales targets, other than the ones you set yourself.

You can join from £24, and kits start at £110.40 (I recommend getting the £198 kit for a wider variety of products)…

Why join doTERRA?

Each year UK sales are doubling.

doTERRA is growing SO fast, and this is a great time to jump on board!

The products change lives and the culture of the company is so ethical… we create financial freedom, not so that people can just buy things they want, but so they are able to be Free to Give back and make a difference in causes they are passionate about…

What movement would you create?

Email for more details

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