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Do you have 2-3 hours a week free to Earn £100 for running a Children’s Party?

That’s all you need to become a Kids Bee Happy direct sales consultant.  We are looking for people who enjoy working with children, and have a few hours available every week to run Sand Art events and activities.  If you don’t know what Sand Art is, then click here and watch the video.

Sand Art is a simple and easy business to start.  You simply purchase the sand, pictures etc, at wholesale prices and sell them to the public.   It’s a Direct Sales business that you can really work with your family, taking your children along with you to events.  It’s fun, its creative, its easy, and it generates much more income than other direct sales company.

If you like growing teams, then even better, all the free training, mentoring and support will not only help you get the most out of your business, but it will also help you grow your team.

Here’s what one of our consultants had to say about Kids Bee Happy:

“Kids Bee Happy- my new challenge, my new role and my new focus.
Can you work it around your existing commitments – Hell yes!!
Is it worth it? Absolutely, If you like talking, making money and colouring (of sorts!) then this is definitely the way forward for you. I know I have made the right move.
The staff are fantastic, everyone is so friendly and you work as a team, no geographical areas if you come across an event that you can’t attend then throw it out into your group. Everyone else does. There is so much training available its unreal! One big bonus is there is no starter kit that you must buy to get you going. I threw myself in at the deep end, spent £80 and I had everything I needed to be able to set up a stall and sell stuff in packs as well.

Kids Bee Happy is fun for all ages and abilities. I have relationships with childminders and with dementia homes so there really is something out there for everyone!!”

In a nutshell – What you need to know:

  • No previous experience required.
  • Free training and support.
  • No expensive starter kits
  • 50% profits on average from Day 1 – no working your way up the ranks to get decent commissions.
  • Huge opportunities in London.

You can sign up directly on our website:

If you are an experienced Direct Sales leader, with a proven track record, and you are specifically interested in building a fast growing team, please contact Sandra Patterson on 07827 924934

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