Kidsleep My First Clock

Before you get too excited, this product isn’t available until the end of June, but the good news is that is only a week away AND you can pre-order it.  It looks fab and I will be ordering one for my son who insists it is time to get up at 6am or earlier.  We quite often get an alarm call from him which consists of him pushing our bedroom door open saloon style, announcing ‘it’s morning time, can we go down for breakfast?’ and then demonstrating the dawn by swooshing back our curtains in a dramatic fashion (I retreat back under my duvet all vampire-like).  The Kidsleep clock is available from Smarter and will be available in pink and blue, it offers analogue and digital display so helps with learning to tell the time, and it is easy for your child to see how long it is before it’s time to get up.  There are also 3 types of alarm modes which increase gradually in volume.  It retails from Smarter Products at £40.00 which isn’t cheap but may well be a sound investment especially if you can pass it down to younger siblings. Sounds great doesn’t it?  We can only hope that it will encourage the little ones to awaken at a more reasonable hour!


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