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Linkedin can be a great place to find business, make contacts, build relationships, look for a job, to advertise and promote your products and services and to be seen by people in your area. There are many reasons why someone would open a Linkedin account but no matter what the reason the same rules apply for everyone. It is vitally important that your profile tells your story, and does so professionally.

Unlike Facebook, which can have a dual purpose utilising a personal profile and a business page, Linkedin is used solely for business. There are no family holiday snaps or interaction with friends on a casual basis. You go on Linkedin for one reason and one reason only. To grow your business lifeline.

So how do we make our profile stand out from the crowd? We need to get it right, right from the start and that all begins with you investing the time to completely round your information out.

Your Linkedin profile is the single most important part of your account. It is, after all, the beginning and the end of your account! Here are some tips to make sure that you and your profile stand out.

Profile Picture Use a professional photo for your profile picture if you can. If you can’t afford to get one done then make it look as good as you can. That means no selfies, or holiday snaps. You need to project a good image, one of trust and reliability.

Keywords Make good use of keywords in your profile. People search for businesses using keywords so make sure that yours pops up on the first page of results. One way of coming out on top is by using them in your professional headline. This is visible below your name and can be keyword rich. It doesn’t have to be a job title at this stage. Use vertical lines to separate the keywords, not commas. For example Kim Garst uses the keyword ‘social media’ multiple times in her business headline.


Kim Garst

You also need to carry your keywords through into descriptions and summaries of yourself and your business. Although do be careful not to simply list attributes.

Summary Your summary gives more detailed information on you and your business. Here you can include your position/title, your company mission statement, a description about your business and other general information.

If you are in the market for a job this is where you need to talk about your qualities.

Experience This section allows you to add your present and past employment, length of time in a position, duties etc. You can fill this part out as you would in your CV. One of the beauties of this section is that you can ask people for recommendations for each position. If you were an employee then these would be references, if you are a business then here’s where you can ask people to give testimonials for your work.

Education & Courses These are self explanatory. Education consists of University degrees and even school exams, whereas courses would cover fields of study after full time education has been completed.  These could be courses that you have studied to keep you up to date in your industry or topics that you have studied to keep ahead in your field, seminars etc.

Contact details Make sure that your contact details are filled out properly and kept up to date. There is no point in having a great profile and getting interest of no one can contact you are. You also want to check your settings too to make sure that people can connect with you on Linkedin.

Endorsements Be sure to give plenty of endorsements to connections. People love to give back, so you will receive many in return.

Connecting Search for people and businesses that will help you. Either people that you would like to be employed by or work with. Send them connection requests. Type in keywords to bring up the relevant matches. Once you start to build up your network you will be surprised how easy it is to start connections. As I search for people within my industry is is amazing to see how many of them are only 2 or 3 people away from a connection of mine. When you see this you can ask your 1st degree contact to introduce you. That’s a powerful tool.

Relationship building Once you have connected with someone make sure that you send them a welcome or nice to meet you message. It’s a good ice breaker and it will make you stand out as not everyone does this. Don’t try to sell anything. Just say hi and give a general overview of what you do, and most importantly ask them questions. People love talking about themselves so let them speak. If you are listening you will make them happy and build trust. Make ‘friendships’ and people will network for you.

Be of value Post on Linkedin with relevant articles about your industry/niche. Be of value to those who around you and they will look to you for advice and give you referrals.

Linkedin can be a great place to build a network of like minded people, people who you can benefit and who can benefit you. People in your industry/niche and even potential customers. Don’t overlook Linkedin. It can be a powerful tool. I’d love to see you on Linkedin, please pop by and connect with me

Tara Chatzakis – Business Developer & Coach, Cultivating Health & Wealth

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