Michelle Wright – Colourwheel Creative

Michelle Wright

Business Name and Description
colourwheel creative – GRAPHIC DESIGN! for all your promotional needs such as logos, flyers, banners, web graphics etc…

How long has it been running?
2 years

When did you first come up with the idea?
I am a trained designer and have worked in design industries since I graduated university (many moons ago). I have worked in advertising, packaging, brand design, marketing and PR – and as my daughter is young I needed a job with flexibility – so started colourwheel creative!

How did you put your ideas into practice?

To start my business I contacted a local government start up group and went for basic training. I then entered their business plan competition, aspire, and won some funding to start up. I networked with marketing agencies and on social media to build up a list of contacts.

What has been the biggest challenge?
Learning to go with the flow! It’s hard not knowing what I will be earning month in and out but when I am quite I make the most of the break (it’s been quite a life style and mentality change to get used to it!)

When was the best moment?
The best moment was when I bought my new car with the money I had earned from MY business – I felt like I was showing everyone that I am making a success of it and it’s not just a hobby a play around with at home!

Colourwheel CreativeAnd the worst?
The worst moment was when I lost a huge contract for a magazine over Christmas – (the magazine was bought out by a publishing house with in-house design)… I have to be honest I wavered at that point wondering if I should give up and look for a job as it was a large contract of regular work – so glad I didn’t!

If you could go back in time, what business advice would you give yourself?
Not to be so hard on myself and to be more proud of what I am achieving!

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

  • Positive
  • Happy
  • Creative

Do you have any hobbies?
I run a networking group with a friend and we meet the first Monday in every month. I also LOVE to go to zumba – it’s my little escape once a week.

What jobs did you have before you went into business?
I have mostly worked in the design industries, so I have been a account exec in a advertising company, a account manager in a packaging company, a administrator in a charity, a designer/marketeer in a computer company and now me – head brew maker, designer and accountant at colourwheel creative!

How many children do you have?
I have one beautiful daughter, Scarlett (aged 6 years)

How do you manage childcare with running your business?
It has got a lot easier since Scarlett got to school age – she loves her after school activities such as dancing and swimming so I get a little extra time there… then there is always when she has gone to bed…

What are the main challenges with running your business around your family?
My main challenges are the housework and the ironing! After working all day, school runs, homework and running the house (you know things like remembering birthdays, school trip money, etc…) there just doesn’t seem to be much time for domestic things so I do bits here and there to try and keep on top of it all!

What is your favourite family activity?
I love going for long walks, visiting places (usually I try and match these up with what Scarlett is currently learning at school) like castles or the planetarium etc… finding the current subject of Australia a little hard to accommodate in this way!

Favourite Family Film
Gosh! erm…. I think it has to be Monsters Inc – I always though when Boo (the little girl) was spinning around she reminded me of Scarlett when she was a toddler.

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