Mums On Three: Holly Stone

Sarah Parry

This weeks business tips are from Stella and Dot Stylist Holly Stone:

What are your three tips for starting a business?

  1. Know why you are doing what you do and re visit your “why?” on a regular basis.
  2. Use visuals to remind you why you do what you do! In my case I work to help cover the cost of my daughters’ activities, so I have a photo of them next to my computer. Friends I know have a picture of the pair of shoes that they want. Just make sure it is what YOU want!
  3. It really helps to have family and friends behind you when you are starting a new venture so include them as much as you can in your plans. Get your children to buy into your plans with charts and rewards for them too. It is imperative that you believe in what you do. Be passionate about it: be it a service or a product. Love what you do!

What are your three tips for running a business around a family?

  1. Be bold! Plan what you are going to do and then do it!
  2. If you are running your own business to give you the flexibility to work around your family commitments make sure that family does come first when it needs to. Don’t let your daughter (in my case) ask you why you are still on the computer when she is having her tea. Work out how much time you are going to spend on your business each week and when you are going to work and stick to it.
  3. Prepare for the unexpected. Children have their own agendas so if something is really important that you can’t miss make sure that you have a back up in place.

What are your three tips for business social networking?

  1. Be yourself and enjoy what you do.
  2. Ask questions. You never know who can help you until you have worked out what their needs are and how you can help them. Listen to the answers.
  3. Try to be visual. Don’t just use words to represent you and your business. If you have products show them and if you have a service share testimonials from others. It gives a far better message than your words alone.


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