Mums On Three: Jess Gale

Mums On Three this week features Jess Gale from The Kids Kloset

What are your three tips for starting a business?

  1. Get organised – write down all the things you think you need to do and carry it with you at all times because there will be more to add.
  2. Never say no – if someone offers you a service, take their details and hold onto them. You may not need them immediately but you never know how your business will grow and develop and their service may become invaluable.
  3. It will all come together in the end – you will rapidly feel like you are sinking under all the things that need to be done – telephone calls, writing letters, buying stock, paying bills, etc but keep paddling and don’t be afraid to ask for help – you WILL get there.

What are your three tips for running a business around a family?

  1. Buy a slow cooker – a helpful way to get the tea on the table.
  2. Ban the laptop and unplug the phone – have a structure so everyone knows that you eat tea together, talk about your day, do your homework, read stories, kick a ball around, go for a walk, even watch a film but you are all in the same room together with no “work” interruptions.
  3. Get them involved – get the children to help you with the business, adding up spreadsheets, delivering flyers, helping in the shop or at fêtes, making hampers etc. Our children love getting involved and it helps them develop their own skills.

What are your three tips for business social networking?

  1. Facebook is a must – its so easy to update and really gets your business out there, however keep your business completely separate to your personal life and don’t become “friends” with your clients.
  2. Join forums that are specific to your business where you can lean on others for advice and you can offer advice to them.
  3. Networking face to face is always the best method however – online things can always be misread…

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