Mums On Three: Mercy Canning

Thank you to Mercy Canning from who shares her business tips with WFM this week.  Mercy started her business with an 8 week old baby which does not come without its challenges! A-Class Care  provide home care services to elderly and vulnerable adults that live within their own homes and services range from providing domestic support to personal care.

What are your three tips for starting a business?

  1. I have found working with my little man is sleeping is the best trick. The key factor for making my business work is drive and determination. You need to know why you are starting your business, is this because you want to be financially free, do you want more time with your children, you have to have enough compelling reasons. These reasons will be your driving force. Have a vision board of all your reasons and what your life will look like once you have achieved yours goal. The visual representation will further catapult you into action. Making sure you know and understand your market. If your market is highly competitive you need to ensure that you have a unique selling point that differentiate you from your competitors.
  2. Networking is key, attending your local chamber of commerce for example. Any conversation that you have be sure to talk about your business. During your conversations be passionate as people buy into you as well as yor product or service.
  3. Lastly, hiring a good workforce that you can delegate some tasks to you. You could use a student who needs some work experience to do your administration. Its about trying to think outside the box and not the conventional way

A Class Care

What are your three tips for running a business around a family?

  1. Ensure that you dedicate quality time with your family as its easy to become so engrossed and embroiled in your business that you forget about your partner or kids. I ensure that weekends are for the family only.
  2. Plan your days in advance and have a check list of important tasks that need to be completed on that day. When your little one is sleeping dedicate time to achieving your important tasks.
  3. Where possible, rise early and go to be late to ensure that you meet your deadlines. If you are unable to achieve them, do not beat yourself up but refocus on your energy to achieving your goal the following day.

What are your three tips for business social networking?

  1. Have a clear and concise message updates.
  2. Make sure your updates meet your target audience
  3. Network with other businesses.



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