Mums On Three: Sam Palmer

Many thanks to working mum Sam from Ladies Joggers who has submitted her business tips to Mums On Three this week.

What are your three tips for starting a business? 

  1. Surround your self with people who energise you not those who are constantly negative
  2. Do a business plan, however basic, it will help you paln for the future. My first one was on a Coffee Shop Napkin
  3. Take time to take a holiday. Even 48 hours away from the business can help you rest and take stock of where you want to go. Some of my best ideas have been while I’m away on holiday

What are your three tips for running a business around a family?

  1. Involve your family in what you are trying to achieve, ask their opinion and listen to their answers
  2. Cook every meal for double the amount of people so you can freeze half ready for when you don’t have time ( or inclination) to cook
  3. Find an office, this can be a garage, a spare bedroom or a shed in the garde. Any space away from the home will give you a feeling of being at work and will make you more productive

What are your three tips for networking?

  1. Put a name badge on your right lapel not your left. This way when someone shakes your hand their eye is drawn to your name and you theirs
  2. Aim to make others like YOU, not what you are selling
  3. Check your pop socks under your trousers are the same colour!!


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