Mums On Three: Sara Kennedy

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Thank you to working mum Sara Kennedy, Avon Representative, who shares her business tips this week.

What are your three tips for starting a business?

  1. Persistence Pays! So no matter what, just keep going and never give up!
  2. Word Of Mouth Is The Most Powerful Method Of Advertising There Is! So don’t be shy about telling everyone you know about what you do and asking them to tell everyone they know too!
  3. Just Do It! There is never going to be a perfect time to start your business, so why not just get started today! 🙂

What are your three tips for running a business around a family?

  1. Sending emails and catching up with your social media contacts can be done with the kids in the same room – playing, watching tv, doing their homework and so on!
  2. Get the kids and your partner, if you have one, involved in your business:- for example, my partner helps with deliveries and my daughter loves helping me post my flyers!
  3. Never feel guilty – by showing your kids that you can both look after them and run your own business at the same time you are setting them a fantastic example!

What are your three tips for business social networking?

  1. Connect online with everyone you can think of from your past and present: and keep them updated as to what you’re doing and what you can do for them – former colleagues, family members, old school friends, current customers etc etc – as you never know where you will find your next customer or your next lead and one of your contacts might just know someone who knows someone…!
  2. Join as many online networking groups as you can and participate in ‘like ladders’ and so on
  3. Always remember the goal is to engage rather than just to inform!



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