Mums On Three: Collette Meara

Many thanks to working mum Collette who shares her business tips this week – Collette has her own business creating everlasting flowers which are perfect for weddings.

What are your three tips for starting a business?

  1. Clarity – are you clear on what you want to achieve?
  2. Positive attitude – try and remain positive,no matter how bad things get
  3. Be open minded – listen and learn

What are your three tips for running a business around a family?

  1. Find the right balance – prioritise family time, set aside time to work
  2. Involve the family – my husband and my eldest help do the accounts, the younger 2 help with design ideas.
  3. Communication

What are your three tips for business social networking?

  1. Ask friends to help share
  2. Join groups that target your market

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