Nine lucrative ways to make money working from home

Make Money From HomeWorking from home has many advantages, the lack of commute, flexible hours and freedom. It’s often been thought of as a low paid option but in fact there are ways to make a lot of money while working at home, especially if you have specialist skills.

Here are a few ideas that you might not have thought of, and the amount of money you can expect to earn from them*

  1. Voiceover Artist – £70 per hour

This is one you might not have thought of, but with the boom in videos, how-tos and help guides on social media, voice overs are more in demand than ever and if you are able to set up with a home studio and send electronic files, you could make a lot of money.

  1. Designing Infographics – £45 per hour

If you have a talent for designing entertaining infographics, it’s very sought after. Infographics are everywhere and again, loved by social media, so practice your skills and you could command a very good hourly rate for your services.

  1. Finance writing – £38 per hour

If you’re experienced in the world of finance and love to write about all things money-related, you could turn this into a career as a finance writer. You could be asked to do anything from market commentary and analysis to blog posts and annual reports, and if you have a knack for explaining complicated financial concepts in easy-to-read language, you’ll be in demand.

  1. Drafting Contracts – £35 per hour

Use your legal background to help businesses turn a deal into a contract. You’ll have to be super-confident of your contract law knowledge but if you’ve been a lawyer in that area, and left to look after the kids, it’s the obvious route into freelance work. Just brush up your current legal knowledge and you’re good to start.

  1. Recruitment – £33 per hour

Recruitment is a time-consuming task and so many firms prefer to hand it over to someone else. Freelance recruiters take over the challenges of attracting, selecting and then appointing the best candidates for posts. Ideal if you have demonstrable experience in a recruitment agency.

  1. Financial forecasting – £27 per hour

This is definitely a specialist skill, which involves looking over a firm’s internal accounting and sales data to predict their performance over the coming year (or another period) along with analysing external economic trends. Definitely one for the financially gifted but if you have a background in finance it’s an option you might want to consider.

  1. Electronic engineers – £26 per hour

If you’re a techie with programming experience, you can help companies and developers to plan the layout of new software and operating systems for phones, tablets and laptops, on a freelance basis.

  1. Translation – £25 per hour

With an ever-increasing global market, translation skills are becoming very sought after by businesses. If you’re fluent in another language and enjoy translating, the top money spinner is Spanish to English.

  1. CV writing – £24 per hour

Things are moving again in the employment market and so with more jobs being advertised, people are moving around a lot more and the perfect CV is a must. Helping job seekers spruce up their CV is a lucrative way to earn money from home.

*figures to the nearest pound, sourced from Elance-o-Desk in 2014.

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