Packing a punch with your business online

Online BusinessSo, you’ve decided to set up a small business to run from home? It’s certainly going to give you the flexibility and freedoms to juggle your busy life, but don’t assume that it’ll be an overnight success.

There are lots of things to think about when starting a company, including getting yourself a website – that all important digital shop front, which should bring in customers and revenue. How do you get your site noticed in the massive internet world, and stand out from your nearest competitors?

Your website

If you haven’t got yourself a website yet, then you should at least be planning to. Very few companies survive these days without a digital presence. Potential clients use the web to find suppliers like you, no matter what service or product you offer. It’s also a massive opportunity for you to reach a wide range of customers, dotted all over the place.

When getting your website together, seriously think about hiring a professional designer and developer – if you’re not an internet whizz, that is. You will want your site to look great, highlighting the goods you sell, taking visitors on a journey and encouraging them to buy online or at least get in touch for further information. You need to attract your customers and hold onto them.

How does my site get noticed?

So, here’s the news. You’re probably not the only company selling the goods and services you offer. You’ve got competition, and they’re already online, with a strong following. What do you do?

Together with your website designer, you need to be thinking about SEO, or search engine optimisation. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Well, it maybe to you, but it’s crucial if you’re to get your site under the noses of potential clients.

You should be aiming to get your business up in the organic web search rankings. They’re the ones that don’t cost you. Ideally, you should be coming out at the top of the list, where surfers tend to click when they’re looking for something specific. Don’t feel like you have to work this all out for yourself. Specialist companies such as can come up with an SEO strategy for you and put it into action.

It’s all about content…

Ok, but how do I get in those organic listings, you’re asking? Well, search engines deploy ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’ to trawl through websites, to understand what they’re all about. The results of the trawls will determine whether your site makes it to those search results listings.

You need to be burying key words and phrases in the text of your site – those that talk to your potential clients. For example, someone looking for a virtual administrator is likely to type those two words into a search engine. So, you need to reflect those words in your content, for the site to be picked up and listed.

The overall content of your site needs to be simple, including the descriptions and titles on your product pages. It’s all about presenting your site in a way that is relevant to your target market, one which talks the language of your potential clients. If you achieve that, you’ve got a chance at winning customers online – and boosting your income.


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