Party Plan Host Coaching

‘Host Coaching’ is a really vital part of any Direct Sales business.

Once you have coached your host successfully and got them excited about their party, it should ensure a good turn-out for the party, it will help to encourage party guests to buy, it will help to get additional sales from the people who are unable to attend the party, you can increase the number of party bookings you take and you may even be able to recruit the host into the business as well.

• It is always worth finding out which products your host would like to get as a result of having their party. Encourage them to work on their ‘wish list’, this will in turn give them good reason to invite the right people.

• Discuss with the host how many people they need to invite. Explain that a lot of the people they invite will not be able to attend for various reasons therefore it is really important to over-invite and to encourage the guests to “bring a couple of friends” with them. Ideally you need 12-15 buying guests to make the party a real success.

• Get the host to put some real thought into who they invite and ensure that family members are invited together with neighbours and friends from all areas of their life e.g. old friends, new friends, baby groups, school parents, church groups, social groups, work colleagues etc. By mixing the group up there is a higher likelihood of repeat bookings and it makes for a much better party atmosphere.

• Encourage your host to get outside orders from people who aren’t able to come to the party. I always offer a small gift to my hosts is they get £100 of outside orders before the party. This really helps build excitement and increases the total sales value of the party. I always mention the £100 offer so the host knows what I expect of them from the outset.

• Keep in contact with your host in the lead-up to the party, be that in the form of phone calls, emails or texts and praise them if they are doing particularly well with confirmed guest or outside orders. Always encourage extra invites to be given out to allow for last minute cancellations however many people they think they have attending.

• It is really crucial that your host is aware of all the benefits they get for hosting a party with you, and providing they are effectively host coached, you will both reap the rewards!

• Ask your host if they are interested in taking up the business opportunity and explain any offers that are available for that month. If the host is not interested themselves, ask them if there is anyone coming to the party that may be interested. Once again you could always offer a free gift to the host if a referral of theirs joins your team.

Host coaching is all about building a good working relationship with your Host. By spending time building this relationship, you will be guaranteed successful shows, future bookings and business opportunities. Host coach well and your business will develop because others will want to help you in return for you helping them!

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