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Joanne DewberryJoanne Dewberry, founder of craft business Charlie Moo’s, offers a quirky, no-nonsense guide to running your own successful craft business – Crafting a Successful Small Business Making, marketing and merchandising by Joanne Dewberry

The UK handmade market is currently riding high as our attitudes to shopping and the products we want to buy are changing. With this change comes a new wave of manufacturers – small, local and talented.

If you are a producer of handmade products, or you have a craft hobby and are thinking about taking the next step and wondering how to do it, then this book has the answers. In it you will find out:

  • How to turn your hobby into a small business
  • Where to sell your products, both on and offline
  • How to price your products
  • How to develop a unique and recognisable brand
  • Where to start with visual merchandising
  • How to use social media to market your business

This book not only takes you through these points in no-nonsense plain English, but also has quirky craft activities to complete along the way.

Jam-packed with top hints and tips from real-life crafty small business owners in the know, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to craft their way to success!

About the author

Joanne Dewberry started her first business Charlie Moo’s just before the birth of her second child Megan in 2008. Disheartened by the party bags that Charlie had received at parties she decided she could do better and so Charlie Moo’s was born.

Not a natural crafter nor had she sewn before, Joanne soon discovered how therapeutic sewing could be. Along the way she has learnt many new business skills which she is passionate about sharing with small business owners and in particular mums. With 3 children under 5 years herself Joanne understands the constraints on mums in business. Her passion and dedication earned her the title of Dorset Business Mum of the Year 2010 along with numerous other business accolades in the past 3 years.

Joanne is passionate about small business and writes a blog providing small businesses training, advice & networking in areas of social media, marketing and juggling children and a business.

“In 2009, I co-founded a networking group for mums in business and I soon found myself surrounded by an enormous variety of small business owners; male, female, parents and single folk. But one thing was the same – the desire and passion each one displayed for their business. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people like this. I wrote this book in order to inspire others around me and give something back to all of those who have believed in me over the past 4 years of running my own small business. Consumers want to buy products that
are handmade, local and unique – crafters want to keep on making and not be overrun with stock. Crafting a Successful Small Business is designed to help talented crafters take that step from hobby into manufacturer.”

– Joanne Dewberry, July 2012

You can purchase Joanne’s book on BrightWorld Publishing for £8.50.

Free up your hands with My Buggy Buddy Clip from award winning website Kiddymania.

My Buggy Buddy ClipAward winning website Kiddymania is thrilled to showcase the My Buggy Buddy Clip, designed to give parents an extra pair of hands when out with their little one. This essential piece of pram kit simply clips over the pram handle and snaps securely into place. Multiple shopping bags can be safely hooked onto the clip before snapping into place putting an end to the frustration of juggling shopping and pushing a pram with one hand argh! We all know that situation far too well.

Whether you are taking your baby for a brisk walk around the park, fitting in some errands at your local shops or whizzing around on public transport, the My Buggy Buddy Clip will allow you to securely fasten your bags to your pram freeing up your hands and limiting any strain of carrying bags awkwardly. The My Buggy Buddy Clip fits a variety of pushchairs and is also great for shopping trolleys too – another place parents need an extra pair of hands. The secure clip opens and closes with one simple flick. It can hold shopping bags, hand bags and changing bags so you can attend to the task in need.

It’s also idea for days out and securely carrying other items such as camera bags, swimming bags or picnic goodies. A lockable version is also available so you can secure your pram if you need to leave it when out and about.
The My Buggy Buddy Clip is used world wide and is so easy to use. It is lightweight and oh so versatile. Kiddymania believe that once you get hold of this essential pram kit you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. The My Buggy Buddy Clip is available from priced at £.5.95

Busy Mum starts new website ‘What’s Good To Do’, for everything that is fun and entertaining to do in the UK

Busy mum Debbie Talbot and Business Partner David; saw a great opportunity within the marketplace to build a business to include a comprehensive website which is the go-to source for everything fun and entertaining within the UK for all ages.

Whether you want to find something to do at the weekend, or something to do with the kids or even a business meeting place, the What’s good to do’ website was launched just over ten days ago to help you find the answers.

Not only does the website have an A-Z listing of categories that makes everything easier to find but it also incorporates a comprehensive entertainment and media section where you can find the top 10 movies, DVDs, theatre shows, music singles and more. The What’s new’ section also keeps you updated on the latest offers and news from retailers, pubs and restaurants so you don’t need to miss a great deal!

Their unique membership card scheme is a great way of making savings throughout the year which include offers on 2 for 1 on eating out, money off entry at attractions, soft play centres, children’s parties, activities and much more. Businesses also have the opportunity of signing up to provide an offer for the card and schools, charities and businesses can resell the cards. 

What’s good to do also want to have their website full of information and therefore there are various opportunities for businesses to have editorial space and also advertising opportunities from only £10 a year, which allow them to reach their target market. They also allow schools and charities to have a free listing within their guide.

For more information please visit:

Surrey-based mum of two Sarah Pritchard has launched TopToyBox– an online toyshop selling educational toys and games for 2 to 6 year olds.

The early foundation years are key for children’s personal, social and emotional development and the website features toys from the UKs leading manufacturers that promote literacy, numeracy and creativity.

As well as providing a resource for parents and grandparents – including a blog and Facebook community – TopToyBox showcases the award winners and best sellers that kids love to play with.

The compound word ‘Mumpreneur’ was recently added to the Collins English Dictionary, a recognition of the hard-working mums launching
businesses in tough economic times.

Sarah, a former children’s librarian, said “As a busy mum myself, I saw the value in providing a service to other parents who want the best for their children. All the toys featured on have been hand-picked and assessed for their high educational quality.”

About TopToyBox
Founded in 2011 by Mumpreneur Sarah Pritchard, online retailer TopToyBox offers the best educational toys and games from the leading

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