Project Management – How to Keep your Mojo!

Untitled designWhether you are a business owner or an employee, you will find good project management skills are essential to your career progression and business growth.

Here are four key tips to getting your projects into great shape – whilst maintaining your project management mojo.

1. Slow it down…
Even the most skilled and experienced project manager needs to take one step back before leaping into a new project. Projects often emerge as a response to a problem, such as a gap in the market or a business opportunity. Ask yourself why is this particular project needed right now. By questioning yourself in this way, you will be able to define your project aims, objectives and goals.

2. Slips happen!
Successful projects do not just happen by accident, but accidents sometimes happen. Weaknesses in your project are much more transparent at the early stages of a project, so start by making a list of all the things you think could go wrong. And then shelve that list – you don’t need it to block your creative juices, but the list will come in handy later when you are asked to conduct a risk assessment.

3. Eye contact
At their best, a project partner can bring money, enthusiasm and fun to the project management mix – just as they can in our private lives. Keep an eye out for potential partners. You will find that a good working partnership will yield a strong and successful project outcome – and you can share the chores!

4. Group dynamics
A successful project outcome depends on a variety of professional skills. These include; time management, communication, people management, team building, negotiation, and the ability to motivate and influence. No one person, (no, not even you!) can possibly offer all of these skills. Why not focus your skills on what you can do well and delegate other areas of the project to enable them to play to their strengths. If you are into group dynamics, you might try using a tool such as the Myers Briggs Team Building Indicator.

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Author Bio
Kemi Bamidele is Director of, social enterprise, Creative Training Hub.  The organisation works in partnership to create and deliver business management training programmes and community engagement projects. You can follow her on Twitter @kemibamidele

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