Pros and Cons of Vlogging

Video blogging , also called ‘Vlogging’, has a lot of advantages over traditional text blogs so it’s no surprise that more and more bloggers are giving it a go.

Video blogs effectively grab the attention of Internet users; people are more likely to become excited about the dynamic content of a video blog rather than a written posting with lots of long sentences and no images. The more enthusiastic viewers are about a vlog on a website (through social sharing and the like) the more traffic the site will get. But it’s not all good, there are some cons to Vlogging too!  


  1. Very popular and current
  2. Better conversion rates
  3. More personal interaction with readers
  4. It’s free to make Vlogs – you can use YouTube, Windows Movie Maker, Vimeo and Animoto
  5. Encourages more hits to your website


  1. Server space can be a problem with self-hosted websites
  2. Can be time consuming creating the videos
  3. Potential slow loading times
  4. Bandwidth issues if you have a large number of blog followers

Whether you opt to Vlog or not depends on what kind of subject matter you want to cover, and how much time you can devote to video blogging. Before you decide to make your video blog consider if there is an easier way for you to get your message across. Preparation is key, so ensure you have notes in case you stumble and make sure you practise! You want to sound natural and clear so your audience can understand you and relate to you.


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  1. Rachel Swann 2:08 pmOctober 1, 2014

    I love vlogging because I think I connect much better with my audience than in writing BUT I am obsessive about having my hair and makeup done beforehand so that I look my best, which can make it very time consuming!!!

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