How Psychometric Tests Can Help Working Mums

Untitled design (29)Many mums find themselves in one of the following situations:

  • Looking for the next step
  • Not sure which line of work to enter after a career break
  • Thinking of a career change
  • Looking to update skills and work experience
  • Not sure where to start

If any of the above applies to you, then completing one or more psychometric tests will help you determine your next steps toward a more fulfilling career as a working mum.

What are psychometric tests?

Any test or questionnaire you complete that measures your ability, personality, values, motivation, interests or any other part of your ‘psyche’ can be referred to as a ‘psychometric’. Under the umbrella of psychometric tests, there are personality and ability tests.

The word ‘test’ can be deceiving, as it implies a right and wrong answer. Indeed, some psychometric ‘tests’ do have a number of questions that have only one potential correct answer, and these are known as ‘ability’ tests. Ability tests can be useful as they indicate you strengths and areas for development in areas such as understanding written text, numerical ability or how quickly you can spot errors.

Aside from ability tests, there are a variety of other tests that don’t have a right or wrong answer: these tests are designed to give you self-awareness about yourself: your personality, your interests, your motivations. They also go by the names of ‘inventory’ or ‘tool’ or even ‘assessment’.

Why should I take a psychometric test?

Completing a psychometric test can provide you with self-awareness, which is a vital part of any toolkit for a successful career journey. You will learn about yourself from a variety of angles, such as:

  • Your abilities
  • Your skills
  • Your personality
  • Your motivation
  • Your preferred working style
  • Your interests

Another benefit of taking a psychometric test is that it is objective. Your may think that your partner, family, friends or kids know you best, but ultimately, you are the best judge of your own character and it can be helpful to look within yourself to discover who you are. However, it is very difficult to do so without any kind of ‘mirror’ to reflect back to yourself. Psychometric tests can act as that ‘mirror’. In a safe and objective way, they can reflect back your characteristics without any judgement.

What’s more, you can complete a psychometric test in the comfort of your own home and without leaving your own sofa! So no need to find a babysitter or worry about who you’ll leave the kids with.

How do I decide which test to take?

The key is to choose a test that is well-researched, validated and developed by a team of professionals. Otherwise you are at risk of being misguided by its results and led down the wrong path along your career journey. Your career is not something to gamble with, so best chose wisely.

How can I use my results?

Psychometric tests will help to increase your own awareness about your abilities, skills, personality, working style and interests. If you are trying to figure out what your next step is (whether this is a new job, a new career or even a new business you would like to start), then awareness of these elements of yourself is vital. Without such knowledge, it can be very difficult to know which path to take, and can feel like you are navigating your career journey with your eyes closed.  Once you know about yourself, you are in a better position to choose from the variety of jobs, careers and business options that are available to you.

Psychometric tests are also useful further down the line: when completing job applications and applying for jobs. Virtually all employers look for a close match between the job specification and the candidate. It is essential to closely tailor your application to the job at hand. Knowing your own abilities, skills, personality, working style and interests will help you to explicitly match them to the job specification, vastly increasingly your chances of bagging your ideal role!

Tatiana Gulko, Business Psychologist

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