Pumpazing Review

Suzannah here at Work For Mums was delighted to have been sent Pumpazing game to review (even more excited were her two little helpers who had seen the promotional television advert!).

What is Pumpazing?
Pumpazing is a game for children aged 3-6 years.  The main character is called Zingy, a round Alien type plastic character, with pull out ‘pumping’ arms.  On his head there are 4 slots for the Zinger heads which are plastic round funny faces. The Zinger heads slot into Zingy and players take in turns to pump Zingy’s arms in and out.  The Zinger heads can pop out at any time causing much amusement and surprise!

Playing Pumpazing
Aim of the Game: Each player pumps Zingy to launch a Zinger.  Each time a Zinger flies off you pass Zingy to the next player.  If Zingy goes Uh-Oh you lose a Zingy card.  The last player to have any Zingy Cards left is the winner.

Pumpazing can also be played ‘knock-out’ style: as soon as a player gets an ‘Uh Oh’ they are knocked out of the game.  This is generally better for larger groups.  I thought it would be great for children’s parties, maybe as an alternative to pass the parcel – the children sit in a circle and pass Zingy round.  When Zingy says ‘Uh Oh’ the player is out (but gets a little treat) and the group carries on playing until the last child wins a special prize.

Suzannah’s Review…
My children Josef (7) and Seren (5) were very keen to help me review this product.  The adverts on television meant they already recognised Pumpazing so they had an idea of what to do.  First impressions of the product were good.  The box is really colourful and all the components were well packaged.  Zingy and the Zingers are good and solid.  The Zinger cards are not very thick though, so they could be easily bent or creased by younger children.

This product requires 3 x AAA batteries for Zingy to make his noises; either ‘Uh Oh’ (pass him on and lose a Zinger Card) or ‘Zing’ or ‘Boing’ (pass him on and keep your Zinger Cards).

It took as a few minutes to read through and understand the instructions, particularly inserting the Zinger Heads which may be difficult for younger players to do as they do require quite a strong push to click them into position.   Once we had Zingy fully loaded and had shared out our Zinger Cards (there are 12 cards altogether so you share them out accordingly, up to 4 players) we were ready to play!  We took in turns to pump Zingy’s arms in and out by taking hold of the green handles on his arms and firmly pumping in and out.  The arms make a small click once fully extended.  This is done a few times before a Zinger Head pings off….and they really do ping off, reaching quite a height much to the amusement of my children!  We played for about 15 minutes in total which is pretty usual for a game such as this.  The children have played it a few times since reviewing the product, so they obviously really enjoy the game.  Both children were very excited by the anticipation of never knowing when a Zinger Head would ping and they giggled and laughed every time.

All in all, a great family game. It was primarily designed for children aged 3ish – 6ish but my son who is 7 loved it and I’m sure older children would secretly love it too!  Once children know how to play they can easily play together without the need for adult supervision, although you may need to rescue a Zinger Head once in a while.

Seren “I hope it doesn’t say Uh-Oh”

Josef “It’s fun and funny. Mummy keeps getting Uh-Oh’s”

Josef: “Mummy won! Sometimes you always win”

You can find out more about Pumpazing, including stockists information at The RRP of the game is £19.99.


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