Quoits from Garden Games

You may first ask, “What are Quoits?”

WFM has been sent some Quoits to review from Garden Games, so I have taken the set home and had a go at playing. According to Wikipedia:
Quoits (koits, kwoits) is a traditional game which involves the throwing of metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance, usually to land over or near a spike (sometimes called a hob, mott or pin). The sport of Quoits encompasses several distinct variations.

The Quoits set arrived in its very own little box (keep it for storing the set when not in use) and were well packaged. The parts were made from hardwood and were all really good quality – sometimes with wooden toys you do have concerns of splinters and roughness, but all the parts were smooth and solid. The Quoits set came in seven parts; the two centre pieces which make the cross and the five scoring posts. There were five rope Quoit rings which are held together by a red wooden bead. The rope is quite stiff and as they have been in a small box you do need to pull them into a round shape before play. It is all easy to assemble although the box does have instructions for setting up if required.Garden Quoits Parts

The rules of the game are displayed on the back of the box and the aim of the game is quite clear – get the highest score. Each wooden post is worth a certain amount of points, from the lowest scoring post of five, up to the highest of twenty five. You have to throw the rope quoit aiming for the posts of course!

How to Play:

  1. Players take turns to throw the rope quoits from the throwing position to try and hook them over the scoring pegs.
  2. Each player adds up the total points scored on each turn then adds on any points scored in further turns.
  3. A closer throwing position can be given for younger players if required (the suggested distance on the box is 3 metres although for my two children we were about 1.5 metres).
  4. To Win the Game: The winner is either the first player to score 230 points (or 9o for a shorter game) or the player with the highest number of points after an agreed number of turns.

Other Suggestions for Play:

  • Make a throwing line apparent – my two children crept closer and closer!
  • Time your game – see who can throw the highest score in a 90 second time frame.
  • Prize for the winner – maybe offer an incentive to children to add a bit of healthy competition.
  • Practice makes perfect – encourage little ones to keep trying as it can be frustrating if they have never played ‘aim’ type throwing games before.

Garden Quoits

We really enjoyed playing Quoits. I must admit I was a bit worried the children would lose interest after ten minutes, but they had lots of fun practising their aim and we would definitely recommend playing Quoits as a family game.

Garden Games describes the Quoits as follows:
“A simple game of skill and accuracy where the young and the not so young can compete on equal terms. Contains 5 hardwood pegs and base, 4 real rope quoits and rules”.

The Garden Quoits currently retail for £15.99.


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