Recruiting for MLM – Where to advertise

I have not been a network marketer for long, but I have found it to be one of the best and most fulfilling roles I have ever had.

Many of you might not even really know what MLM or network marketing is, so let’s begin by defining that, shall we?

MLM, or multi level marketing, otherwise known as network marketing has been with us for many years. One of the first companies that introduced us to the whole concept was Amway. When it started up many people were keen to get involved because they could see a way to work for themselves and make a lot of money. Soon there were many companies popping up all over the place and pretty soon everybody knew somebody involved in MLM. That’s when it turned sour. Due to the popular demand and the sudden increase in interest some people became greedy. They started sponsoring people left, right and centre but then leaving them out in the cold to fend for themselves. This meant that many people failed at their first attempt at MLM and soon it gained a reputation as a scam. It even coined the term ‘pyramid selling’ because the people at the top were gaining all the riches and the people at the bottom were in a pickle!

Thankfully things have changed since the early days. Pyramid selling was made illegal and that was supposed to be an end to the whole nasty ordeal. The company I work with does not allow people to profit from more than 3 people deep which means that I couldn’t build a huge pyramid even if I wanted to, which to be honest I don’t.

I love network marketing because it is a simple approach to business and it is extremely supportive and personal. I love working with my team and helping them achieve amazing things with my guidance. Something that is hard to achieve in the traditional work place. That’s the beauty of MLM.

Once you are in an MLM company you then naturally need to build yourself a team. Building a team is the best and most fun part of the job. Working with others in an independent capacity but also as a team is phenomenal! Great team spirit and support.

There are a number of places to start advertising for team members. One of course is the internet.

Seeing as most of us as internet based it seems to make sense that we start online first. I have advertised on recruitment sites and had a reasonable amount of success with this option. Of course, you have to work out the costs and weigh them against the gain. Many sites can charge anything up to £200 for an online ad. You may be able to find a couple of people from these sites, depending on the wording you use and the positioning of the ad. For most network marketers this is economical so I would recommend advertising on sites. Look for niche sites more likely to get you the right type of team members such as those aimed at providing jobs for mums.

Facebook is another good place to advertise, although I don’t advertise in the traditional sense of the word on here. I find that there are far too many people posting “If you’d like to earn an extra £200-£5000 per month part time, please message me” on Facebook. In the beginning I placed these posts, in fact I placed them absolutely everywhere! However, I never really found my ideal person this way. Some people did respond but they were not serious enough and I found that I didn’t have any control over the applicants this way. Anyone who wanted to contact me could and this method I decided wasn’t going to build me the business that I wanted so I changed my approach on there.

Newspaper or local magazine adverts are another favourite option. I tend to keep these small with just the basic information so that those who are truly interested can contact me. Creating large elaborate ads is great providing you have the funds to spend on them. For most people when they are starting out though this isn’t an option. Be aware that the small ads can be just as effective.

I always teach my team that even in the beginning, when you are trying to build a network, you should always be choosy. Don’t just accept anyone into your business just because they have a pulse and they say yes. It doesn’t pay to allow everyone into your team. Accept the ones that you really want to work with, this way you will build a strong and cohesive team. With that in mind make sure that you target your ads. Choose sites that your ideal team member will visit and subscribe to, same with the magazine or newspapers and even the Facebook ads. If you would like a wonderful team filled with working mums then advertising on a site aimed expert gardeners won’t satisfy you. In my experience I have found online recruitment sites such as Gumtree, newspaper ads and Facebook to be effective ways of finding people interested in joining your team.

Why not leave me a comment and let me know what has worked for you?

All the best – Tara

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